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Infinite BrassRing Platform

How to utilize the Admin application in the Infinite BrassRing Platform


The Admin application is accessed via the App Launcher just like any other Infinite BrassRing Platform application. A user must be licensed for the Admin application for the Admin icon to be available in the App Launcher for that user.

Granting users Admin access is described in the following procedure.

To license a user for the Admin application use one of the following methods:

  1. Use the user import .csv file to ensure these columns are present and valued:




    Refer to the user types section in this chapter for more information on available administrator user types.

    Additional user identification columns will also be necessary depending on whether or not you are creating or updating a user.

    Refer to the Creating and Uploading a User Import CSV File section of the User Provisioning Configuration chapter in this guide for more information on how to create/update, and import users.

  2. Utilize the Admin Manage Users screens (Add new user, or search and update an existing user) to grant administrative access by enabling the Admin application in that user's Access section and providing a valid administrative user type.

    Refer to the Add New User Process Steps and Updating an Existing User sections in this guide for more information on how to create and update existing users.

    Launching the Admin app

    Upon log on to the Infinite BrassRing Platform,

  3. Select the Application Launcher icon image1.jpg to launch the Application Launcher navigation bar (if necessary).


    Licensed applications based on the user's profile display in the horizontal Application Launcher navigation bar. Forward and Backward arrows and page indicator symbols display on the scroll bar for access to additional licensed applications for users who have access to multiple applications.

    Figure 3. Admin icon on the Application Launcher Navigation Bar
    Admin icon on the Application Launcher Navigation Bar

  4. Select the Admin icon on the Application Launcher navigation bar to launch the Admin application default landing page.


    The Admin application default landing page depends on the user's access rights. Based on the Admin Navigation menu, the first page in that list that the user has access to will be their default landing page.