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Infinite BrassRing Platform

Branding/Customizing Menu


The Admin Branding/Customizing menu contains a set of menu items whose associated Edit Client screens allow you to enter branding/customization settings.


Menu Items by Categories

Global settings:

  • Theme - Images

  • Theme - Colors

  • Application Tile Labels

  • Login and Logout Settings

  • Task Review Labels

Onboard (global settings): Note: Both Onboard - Manager and Onboard - New Hire are part of Infinite Onboarding.

  • Welcome Message Settings (labels/colors - Home page)

  • Onboard - Images

  • eSignature Labels

Onboard - Manager:

  • Welcome Message Settings (labels/colors - Currently Onboarding page)

  • Task List Settings

  • Task List Labels

  • Manager Settings

Onboard - New Hire:

  • Welcome Message Settings (labels/colors - My Tasks page)

  • Onboard Personal Information Labels

  • Task Security Settings

My Profile (OTP Settings):

  • My CV Tab (where CV stands for curriculum vitae)