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Infinite BrassRing Platform

Client Reminders


The Client Reminders section reminds clients of recently distributed important notices and links to comprehensive documentation and training for the special features recently introduced.

There are client reminders for this current release.

Upcoming Browser Update

Infinite BrassRing Platform browser support is regularly updated to reflect changes as needed.

Microsoft will drop browser support for Internet Explorer (IE) 11 at the end of November 2020.

New Default Background/Login and Hero Images

Upcoming in November release:

As part of efforts to improve Infinite BrassRing Platform branding designs and user experience, there will be enhancements to out of the box images to improve the overall style in Infinite BrassRing Platform applications. Newer default images for the background/login and hero images will be provided.

Depending on the branding you have configured, there may be a visible change inherited. There are three possible scenarios.

  1. For customers who wish to continue with existing custom branding.

    If you have implemented your own branding, using images/logos of your choice, no action is required should you wish to continue using your current branding. You will see no visible change following the November release.

  2. For customers who use the existing default branding provided by Infinite BrassRing Platform and intend to use the new default branding provided by Infinite BrassRing Platform.

    There will be an automatic visual change in the November release as the new branding default will replace existing. No action is required on your part with changes and adaptions to new images inherited.

  3. For customers who wish to continue with the existing default branding provided by Infinite BrassRing Platform.

    If you currently use the default branding images provided by Infinite BrassRing Platform, and wish to continue using these, please download these images, Background - Hands and Background - 3 People to your local computer.


    To save the image, right-click and select Save Image As.

    These can be uploaded to be reapplied again as custom branding by following these steps:

When to do this action by?

Immediately following the release windows on these dates listed in the following table.

Table 38. November Release Window Dates


US Stage

EU Stage

Production - US

Production - EU

November 2020

Thursday 5th Nov

Thursday 12th Nov

Saturday 14th Nov

Friday 20th Nov