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Infinite BrassRing Platform

SAML Attributes


Table 56. SAML Attributes



Unique ID

Identifies the IdP issuing an assertion or other SAML message.

For SAML 2.0, the IdP Entity ID is the unique ID.

SOAP Artifact Resolution URL

The endpoint your site uses to receive an SP's SOAP requests when the artifact binding is used.

Single Sign-On Service URL

The endpoint that receives and processes assertions.

Assertion Consumer Service URL

The location at which the SP receives assertions.

Target URLs

The URLs for the protected resources that a user is trying to access in the Infinite BrassRing Platform.


User information sent in an assertion.

Signing certificates

The SAML and WS-Federation protocols specify a number of conditions under which digital signatures are either required or optional. When these conditions are present, signing certificates display.

SOAP connection type and authentication style

If a SAML connection uses the back channel (such as artifact binding), then HTTP Basic authentication, SSL client certificate authentication, digital signatures, or some combination of the three is required. Partners must exchange the necessary credentials, certificates, and/or signing keys.