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Infinite BrassRing Platform



The Infinite BrassRing Platform admin application is an integrated environment platform configuration tool for all Infinite BrassRing Platform products. It consists of a portal from which users by using a single sign-on (SSO) to access applications, such as Hiring, Onboard, and New Hires Portal. (Please access the external Introduction on the Infinite Talent Knowledge Center for client admin process steps.)

The Infinite BrassRing Platform System Configuration Guide is related to the overall configuration of the Infinite BrassRing Platform. The content in the Infinite BrassRing Platform System Configuration Guide focuses solely on configuration options found in the Administration Center (settings area) of each Infinite BrassRing Platform product module. Each chapter of the guide covers the configuration for a specific product or application.

For example,

System configuration

User import and management

Job Settings

Gatekeeper workflows

BrassRing configuration

Onboard configuration

IC Admin Portlet configuration for branding/customization for multiple clients

Personal Settings tabs as found in the Infinite Onboard Administration Center


This configuration guide is to be used as a reference tool after completion of your Infinite BrassRing Platform configuration training. As more Infinite BrassRing Platform product modules are rolled out, new chapters are added to the guide to address their configuration options.

This document is intended for the following persona:

  • Implementation Consultants (ICs) who use Infinite Onboard, Infinite BrassRing, and IC Admin Portlet to configure the integrated Infinite BrassRing Platform environment. ICs are the primary audience for this document.

  • Advanced Access team who uses the IC Admin Portlet to for staging, including import and export of tenants.

The following table shows products and applications within the Infinite BrassRing Platform.

Table 65. Infinite BrassRing Platform Products

Product Name


Infinite BrassRing


Job Search

Infinite Onboard

Onboard Manager and Onboard (New Hire)

Infinite Lead Manager

Lead Manager


Hiring is part of the Infinite BrassRing application. Onboard and New Hire portals are part of the Infinite Onboard application.