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Infinite BrassRing Platform

Viewing/Editing Your Team's Profiles


Using the My Team page, you can view/edit the profiles of each of your team members, and also search for profiles.

The My Team page contains profiles for each of your team members. For each person, it includes a photo, as well as the person's name and job title.

Fields on the page:

  • Search Profiles (keyword/name search)

  • My Team: Displays all your team members, along with a link to each team member's profile.

  • Show Statement: Allows you to limit which group of profiles display on the page: All, Direct Report, Managers, Peer, Manager + Peer, Leadership.

  • Sort By: Last Name (A - Z), Last Name (Z - A),State, City, Country

  • Grid icon tile_icon.jpg. Profiles are tiled on the page.

  • List icon list_icon.jpg. Profiles are listed on the page.

  1. Access the My Team page. It contains profiles for each member of your team. You can reach this page either by selecting the Profiles icon (in the row of applications) or by selecting Profiles (in the banner/header row).

  2. Control which group of profiles display on the page by selecting the pointer pointer_icon2.jpg icon by Show Statement, then selecting from the resulting menu:

    • All (default)

    • Direct Report

    • Managers

    • Peer

    • Manager + Peer

    • Leadership

  3. In the Search Profiles field, enter keywords relevant to the profiles you are trying to find, then press the Enter key. The search results display. Note: You do not need to use commas between the keywords.

  4. Sort by selecting the pointer pointer_icon2.jpg icon by Sort By, then selecting Last Name (A - Z), Last Name (Z - A), City, State, or Country from the resulting menu.

  5. Control how profiles display by selecting the Grid grid icon icon or the List list icon icon.

  6. To view/edit a team member's profile, select the name of the person. The person's profile displays it in its own page (a Profile Page). It contains a photo, as well as the person's name, job title, and contact information. It also has links for Main and My CV. By default, when you land on this page, the information for Main displays.