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Infinite BrassRing Platform

Infinite Lead Manager Browser Support and Requirements


Product: Infinite Lead Manager

Browser Requirements
  • Infinite Lead Manager supports its solutions on a variety of operating systems, web browsers and mobile devices; provided that point releases and security patches are applied as recommended by the vendor.

  • New browser versions are supported as indicated by a plus + symbol. For example, support for Firefox 41+ indicates support for point releases post Firefox 41 upon official release.

  • Infinite advises clients when vendors end browser version support.

  • Browsers are supported on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X in alignment with the browser manufacturers’ supported operating systems and associated browsers. Certain Android and iOS Mobile Devices with built-in browsers are supported for certain applications.

  • If a browser is on the supported list, Infinite has tested and re-mediated browser issues for the major work flows. After placing the browser on the supported browser list, Infinite continues to evaluate work flows and re-mediate issues as they arise. A support ticket should be opened if a user experiences an issue with a browser.

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 are no longer supported by Microsoft since January 2016. BrassRing continues to work using older browser versions but support for those browsers has changed. As of January 2016, Infinite no longer tests or resolves IE8, IE9, and IE10 issues directly related to the IE8, IE9, and IE 10 browser.

Lead Manager Browser Support
  • IE 9: No Support.

  • IE 11: Full Support.

  • Firefox 38ESR+/47+: Full Support.

  • Safari 5-6: Full Support.

  • Chrome 52+: Full Support.

  • Mobile Devices: Full Support.

Infinite Lead Manager Workbench Support

Infinite Lead manager configuration in Workbench does not support the standard document mode in Internet Explorer (IE). The Internet Explorer document mode can be updated, or alternatively, all Infinite Lead Manager settings can be configured by using the Chrome browser.

  1. To update the Internet Explorer document mode, Log in to Workbench.

  2. Select the Environment.

  3. Select F12.

  4. Select Edge or 10, however Edge is recommended.

  5. Refresh the browser window.

  6. Infinite Lead Manager can now be configured in Internet Explorer.