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Infinite BrassRing Platform

Infinite Onboard Browser Support


Infinite Talent Onboarding supports a specific set of Microsoft Edge, Firefox (FF), Chrome, and Safari browsers.

  • Microsoft Edge

  • FF 3-24+

  • Chrome 12-30+ (limited support, for candidate/new hire experience)

  • Safari 4-5+


Infinite Onboard no longer supports IE versions 8, 9, 10, and 11. Onboard will works with older browser versions, but support for those browsers has changed. Infinite no longer tests and resolves issues that are directly related to the IE8, 9, 10 and 11 browsers. Any reported issues will be reviewed but more recent, widely used browsers will take priority.

This change is in response to Microsoft withdrawing support and security updates for these browser versions. To review more information on Microsoft support, refer to the Microsoft Support Lifecycle page

As a reminder, you can review the latest supported browser information on the Support Portal. Contact your Infinite representative with questions or concerns.

Infinite Onboard Browser Support Limitations

Infinite Talent Onboarding's known browser support limitations are for Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE).

Chrome Limitation

Regarding Google Chrome browser support, Infinite realizes that browsers can be updated at any time. "Browser support" means that Infinite accepts the defects arising out of user experience. The frequency at which a browser is updated might not be in sync with Infinite Onboard's product release schedule, so Infinite might not be able to complete testing before initial product release with said browser. Therefore, Infinite accepts, addresses, and evaluates in a timely manner any browser issues faced by users for the versions listed here, or newer.

IE Limitation

The Infinite Talent Onboarding application currently does not support Internet Explorer (IE) 11 on 64-bit browsers.