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Checking the Mailing Health (Spam Check)


Product: Acoustic Campaign

Checking the Mailing Health (Spam Check)

Finalizing the mailing runs a Spam Check. The Spam Check analyzes the email for issues that would cause the template to be sent directly into a recipient's Spam. The higher the score that is presented, the more likely the template goes into Spam. A breakdown of the Spam check score displays.

  • Issues that are highlighted in red indicate an error. Such issues prevent the template from being sent.

  • Issues that are highlighted in yellow indicate a warning. Such issues are addressable, and allow the template to be sent.

The Mailing Health section
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  1. To see the issues that need to be addressed, select the down arrow.

    The issues down arrow
  2. Address the issues as needed, and select Continue.

    The continue button