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Managing your Acoustic Campaign Database


Product: Acoustic Campaign

Managing your Acoustic Campaign Database

Databases, in Acoustic Campaign, contain the details of the Leads within Lead Manager. The contacts in the database are used to create contact or query lists and to send emails to individual or multiple leads.

As part of your implementation, a database was created within Acoustic Campaign, which is connected to your Lead Manager system. This database has a standard name and was created with standard fields that synchronize between Acoustic Campaign and Lead Manager. It is imperative that you do not delete this database or remove any standard fields as it might adversely affect your Lead Manager system.

You can add custom fields to you to your Lead Manager database. These fields can be configured to synchronize to the corresponding field in Lead Manager. These additional fields can be used on landing pages to collect additional information from Leads and used as criteria in mailing lists.

The Database Summary, shows a list of contacts that are present in your database, and the contact and query lists associated with that database.


Do not add a contact directly into your Acoustic Campaign database.

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Accessing Your Database
  1. Select MenuDataDatabases.

  2. Select the database name to open it.

    Selecting your database name
  3. The database summary page opens.