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BrassRing August Release

BrassRing new features for release 23.08.08 are listed here.

Client Reminders

The Client Reminders section reminds clients of recently distributed important notices and links to comprehensive documentation and training for the special features recently introduced.

We are listening

BrassRing New User experience is currently available in the staging environment. We are enhancing this new experience based on the feedback we received from you. Please contact your Infinite representative or the GSC to know more about this exciting new user experience and let us know what can be done to improve it further.

BrassRing Dark Launch

Dark Launch features are those features that are released to the Staging environment only and are NOT released to the Production environment for a considerable amount of time.

This process gives an opportunity and enough time to test these features thoroughly before they are available in the production environment. Clients are requested to configure and test these features and provide their feedback and inputs to your respective Infinite representatives.

There are no Dark Launch features in this release.

BrassRing Visible Changes

The BrassRing visible changes for the current release are listed here.

New User Experience - Branding Updates

This change is part of the BrassRing New User Experience, currently available only in the Staging environment.

The client-specific branding configuration that is set in the responsive recruiter interface was previously not respected by the new user interface screens.

Based on client feedback, our teams are continuously working on synchronizing most of the UI screens with the responsive recruiter interface so that the existing branding configuration made by respective clients to their recruiter UI is respected by the new UI screens.

As of now, the branding configuration respects only in Light mode. For Dark mode, this will be fixed throughout the new UI for all clients in future releases.

This is a continuous effort and work is in progress to ensure that most of the screens, buttons, and other visual items respect the branding configuration of respective clients

The Client banner set in branding would now be applicable in both Light and Dark modes in sync with the Responsive Recruiter UI.

The following are some of the items that are already respecting existing client branding configuration:

  • Go button

  • AddReq primary button

  • Add card button

  • Attachments - Upload new + button

RTC Internal reference # 313100, 313655, 313666, 313686, 313688.

New User Experience - Outlook Plugin

Previously, in Dark mode, the text on the Outlook Plugin page was not properly visible.

Starting this release, changes are made to ensure that the text is visible properly in Dark and Light mode.

Path : Hiring > Admin > Downloads > Outlook plugin.


RTC Internal reference # 311313.

Data Insight Tool - New User Access Update

When a new user access the Data Insight tool for the first time a pop-up message is displayed below :

"!User not found Your user credentials currently do not exist in the reporting database. This database is refreshed on a nightly basis. Please try your request again tomorrow."

Starting this release, an updated text message is displayed below :

"Your user credentials currently do not exist in the reporting database. This database is refreshed three times per day as noted on our Knowledge Center. Please try your request again tomorrow."

RTC Internal reference # 299269.

BrassRing Configurable Changes

There are no BrassRing configurable changes for the current release.

BrassRing Workbench Changes

There are no Workbench changes for the current release.