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BrassRing October Release

BrassRing new features for release 23.10.10 are listed here.

Client Reminders

The Client Reminders section reminds clients of recently distributed important notices and links to comprehensive documentation and training for the special features recently introduced.

We are listening

BrassRing New User experience is currently available in the staging environment. We are enhancing this new experience based on the feedback we received from you. Please get in touch with your Infinite representative or the GSC to learn more about this exciting new user experience and let us know what can be done to improve it further.

BrassRing Dark Launch

Dark Launch features are those features that are released to the Staging environment only and are NOT released to the Production environment for a considerable amount of time.

This process gives an opportunity and enough time to test these features thoroughly before they are available in the production environment. Clients are requested to configure and test these features and provide their feedback and inputs to your respective Infinite representatives.

There are no Dark Launch features in this release.

BrassRing Visible Changes

The BrassRing visible changes for the current release are listed here.

Lead Manager - Purge Candidates and Leads

Starting this release, now "Purge Candidate" also purges the lead if the user who initiated the purge has the privilege to delete a lead. Else, the purge deletes only the candidate and not the lead.

RTC Internal reference #314204.

Private Notes - Access update

Starting this release, Private notes are private to the user adding it and the user will not be able to see the private notes of other users.

Notes View privilege is to be enabled to view the user's Public Notes and view their own Private Notes.

RTC Internal reference # 314014.

New User Experience - Branding Changes

Starting this release, View User details icons under Users list grid are now clear and visible in Dark mode.

Prior to this fix the visibility of these icons was not clear.

Path: Hiring -> Admin -> Admin+ -> Users

Admin+: Users page:

RTC Internal reference # 313526.

New User Experience - Widgets

Starting this release, the widget area has Expand Widget(s)/Collapse Widget(s), to maximize/minimize the widget area.

This is visible when at least one widget is selected by the logged-in user.

The default is Expand Widget(s) until the User chooses to collapse.

RTC Internal reference # 312637.

Talent Gateway - Skip sign-in

Starting this release, when a candidate opts for Skip sign-in while applying for a job, instead of account creation a sign-out link is displayed when the Privacy Policy conditions are agreed if any.

RTC Internal reference # 290109.

Reqs - Mass Req Update

Starting this release, if a user is trying to make any of the following Standard Req fields empty, it prompts that a value is to be provided, and a message is displayed "This field cannot be blank, Please select a valid value".

Location/Division, Department, Job Code, Job Description, Title, Manager, No. of Positions, Requisition team, Recruiter.

Path: In BrassRing, Click on Hamburger menu -> Reqs -> Mass update -> My Reqs

RTC Internal reference # 313991.

Integrations - Object API to support JSON

Starting this release, we're offering JSON alongside XML to enhance integration options. JSON's efficiency, lightweight design, and web compatibility streamline processes and boost readability. Clients can now choose the format that aligns with their needs, embracing innovation in data interchange.

Client needs to Add subscription name in workbench, upon which PSE will configure in the backend and provide request URL with request Data.

Clients need to refer to and add filters.

Path: Tools -> Integrations -> Admin -> Add Integration Type-> Object based Import/Export

RTC Internal reference # 306215, 314350.

Integrations - Background check integration to support JSON

Currently, Background check implementation is XML-based, both requests and responses are in XML.

Starting this release, this integration also supports JSON for request and response API.

Clients need to provide a Content-Type request header to determine the message exchange format.

application/json value for JSON and application/xml for XML.

Please refer to API reference documents on Infinite Knowledge Center for sample JSON code.

Updated documents are available starting the release dates.

RTC Internal reference # 313861.

BrassRing Configurable Changes

There are no BrassRing configurable changes for the current release.

BrassRing Workbench Changes

There are no Workbench changes in the current release.