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Infinite Talent Onboard

Onboard October Release

Onboard new features for October release are listed here.

Onboard Visible Changes

Onboard new features for the current release are listed here.

Onboard - Domain Name Change

Starting this release, we are moving from our legacy domain name to wherever applicable in Onboard. All the onboard URLs are updated accordingly

Internal reference # 76.

Onboard - Workflow Activity

Starting this release, clients can assign the final workflow activity in a workflow to a New Hire, and completion of Onboard end activities is the New Hire's responsibility.

Internal reference # 98.

Onboard - Hide system forms

Starting this release, all system forms are hidden from the New Hire view, and the System template forms (.rtf documents) are now masked in the tasks screen [related documents drop-down for New hires]. This is applicable to clients using the document library for forms.

Internal reference # 102.

Onboard Task List - New Hire View Tool Tip

Starting this release, a help text is provided to assist New Hires in understanding and completing pending tasks on their associated job applications.


Internal reference # 104.

Onboard - New I9 2023 Export Changes

Starting this release, the Provision to include new fields on Exports (for client Integrations) is available as per Updated Form I-9.

Internal reference # 114.

Onboard - E-Verify downtime

In view of the ongoing chances of a US government shutdown, we are enabling a back-end process that will show a message in the E-Verify task to end users, in addition to the general status page, if the E-Verify task is selected during a DHS impacting government shut down.

We are also analyzing additional options should any shutdown drag on for more than a few days to facilitate options for our client's workflows.

The backend flag is enabled in Production ONLY if shutdown happens, and the message is displayed only when this situation arises.

Internal reference # 350.

Onboard - Search History Page

Starting this release, to avoid delay and timed-out responses in the Email history query page, the "To: and "From" fields are updated as mandatory filter fields.

Internal reference # 285

Onboard Configuration Changes

There are no new configuration changes in the current release.

Onboard Fixed Defects

The following defects are fixed during the current release.

Defect Number

Defect Description


00216969 - Error prompts when performing Hire Confirmed – Date validation


00211360 - Onboarding Search functionality - Capability vs Profile page load


00211509 - Correspondence Log - Resend Email