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Infinite Talent Onboard

Onboard Activity Configuration Enhancements


This section describes usability enhancements designed to improve Onboard Activity configuration.

Manage Activity Fields screen and Manage Job Workflow screen configuration enhancements are as follows:

  • Activity field names are more visible

  • All fields are listed in alphabetical order (to allow easy scanning for a field name).

  • A sequence number is added to each activity field (to enable users to identify the activities' logical flow).

  • Keywords can be entered in a search pane to find a field.

  • A text box and arrow button enable the user to sequence activity fields. (The user enters a number in the text box and selects the arrow button to move the selected field to the sequence number as entered in text box.)

  • If the user enters a number that exceeds the maximum number of existing rows, the field is sent to the beginning or end of the list.

  • The use of scroll bars within a field table is significantly reduced.

  • The row arrow and delete buttons are at the beginning of the Field Properties table (for better tabular display of records).