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Infinite Talent Onboard

SSN: Disabling of Cut, Copy, and Paste Mouse Clicks


For the standard applicant SSN (Social Security Number) field, certain mouse clicks are now disabled.


The following screens are where mouse right-click & cut (CTRL+X), copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) are disabled for the standard applicant SSN field:

  • I-9 Section 1

  • I-9 Section 2

  • I-9 Section 3

  • W-4

New hires, when entering their SSN (single and/or field confirmation/validation), cannot cut, copy, or paste into or from either of the fields. All entries into both fields must be manual. Even for a single SSN field, paste is not permitted; the number must be manually entered. There is no cut/copy/paste for touch screens.


Clients can configure the standard applicant SSN field (Applicant. APPLICANT SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER) in any other task or in the Personal Information screen via the Onboard Configuration application, in the Manage Activity Fields screen.