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Infinite Lead Manager

Creating Landing Pages


Product: Acoustic Campaign

Creating Landing Pages

Acoustic Campaign can be used to create Landing Pages for applicants. Landing Pages are specific pages that are developed within Acoustic Campaign to present information about your organization and collect information from prospective Leads. Information that is collected from Landing Page forms is sent to Lead Manager, where Leads are automatically created or updated.

If setup, the Landing Page can also capture information about the Lead such as the source of the application, or add that Lead directly into a Lead Manager Campaign.

Landing Pages in Acoustic Campaign can;

  • Manage your sites.

  • View or edit existing sites that are hosted in Landing Pages.

  • Design and create sites by using the Web Compose Editor and site management tools.

  • Import existing sites or pages or export sites for future use.

  • Include content from your Engage Asset Library.

  • Publish Landing Page sites for immediate use.

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