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Infinite Lead Manager

Editing the Confirmation Page or Configuring a Resume Upload


Product: Acoustic Campaign

Editing the Confirmation Page or Configuring a Resume Upload

Landing Pages can be configured to allow a lead to upload their resume or CV. This upload automatically passes the resume to Lead Manager, where it is parsed and a New Lead is created, or, if the Lead exists, their profile is updated with the new details.

The Resume Upload page is not configurable, and replaces the Confirmation page for the Landing Page.

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Edit the Confirmation Page

Confirmation pages are shown to Leads when they select submit on the form. To edit the confirmation page, select Confirmation. If the form is configured for Resume upload, the confirmation page is replaced by the Resume Upload page.

The editing confirmation pages include the Editor that is present in the Landing Pages and communications.

The Confirmation Page

Edit the Confirmation page, and select Save.

Configure a Resume Upload
  1. To configure Resume upload, access the Form Object Properties.

  2. Select Submit.

  3. Under Actions, select Take user to URL and enter the appropriate URL from the list.

    • US Staging -

    • US Production -

    • EU-Staging -

    • EU-Production -

    Selecting Take User to URL
  4. Select Save.

When the Lead clicks submit, they are redirected to the Uploading resume.

The Upload Resume page

The Lead clicks Upload Resume, selects their Resume, and completes the process.