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Previewing and Publishing a Landing Page


Product: Acoustic Campaign

Previewing and Publishing a Landing Page

When the Landing Page is completed, select Save.

The Save button

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Previewing the Landing Page.
  1. Select Preview.

    The Preview button
  2. The preview opens in a new window.

    The Preview window
  3. Use the menu items to identify issues, and settings for your Landing Page, including;

    • Tests on any personalization settings you added to the Landing Page.

    • Any warnings or errors that are identified by the system.

    • A hyperlink validation, which checks whether any hyperlinks are created properly.

    • A preview if the Landing Page is set for dynamic content viewing.

Publishing the Landing Page.

Publishing the Landing Page launches the Landing Page for viewing by Leads. The Landing Page is published to the Site URL created in the Site Settings tab.

The Site URL
  1. Select Publish.

    The Publish button
  2. The Publish Confirmation page opens describing the details of the Landing Page, including the URL, and any Errors or Warnings.

    Site Errors or Warnings
  3. Select Publish Site.

    The Publish Site button
Closing a Landing Page

Closing a landing page unpublishes the landing page. Only published Landing Pages can be closed.

  1. Select MenuLanding Pages.

  2. Select the published Landing Page.

  3. Select Close Site.

  4. Select Close.