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Infinite Talent Onboard

Condition-Based Adhoc-Required Activity


Previously, when the activity level just before the Onboard End activity level contained multiple activities and some of them were skipped because of conditions, completing one of the activities in that level (adhoc-required validation (M out of N check))) caused the condition check to be skipped whether the adhoc-required activity was completed or not. The Onboard End activity was being generated before the adhoc-required activity completion. As a workaround, clients could configure all the conditional activities from the level before Onboard End to a level before that level.

Now, the adhoc-required validation (M out of N check) is performed at the level before Onboard End. The system stops generating Onboard End without having HM-related adhoc steps completed. The workflow does not need modification.

Onboard Configuration:


Onboard Manager: