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Infinite Talent Onboard

Configuring the Auto-Logout Activity


The Auto-Logout activity ensures the new hire is automatically logged out after the completion of an activity.

For example: If the activity is an I-9 activity, the new hire is logged out after he/she completes the I-9 Section 1.


The Auto-Logout configuration is only for activities owned by the new hire.


The Auto-Logout message appears for 10 seconds before logging out the user. The message content and display time are both configurable in the Branding/Customization tool. (Refer to the [Admin Branding/Customizing the Talent Suite Guide] for configuration details.)

Figure 41. Auto-Logout Message


To display the Manage Job Workflow screen for Auto-Logout configuration,

  1. In the Global Toolbar, display the Settings menu and then select Settings.

  2. Select the Job Settings tab.

  3. Display the Show drop-down list and then select Job Workflow.

  4. Select the desired Job Workflow.

  5. In the Workflow Criteria section, select the wrench image162.jpg icon for the activity you wish to configure. A separate activity Overview window opens for that activity.

    Figure 42. Auto-Logout configuration tool

  6. In the activity Overview window, select the Logout on Activity Completion check box.

  7. Select the Save Activity image118.jpg icon to save your changes.

    Figure 43. Auto-Logout configuration tool

  8. Once the activity window closes, select the Save Workflow image170.jpg icon to save the overall activity Job Workflow.