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Configuring Activity Field Names: HTML Coding


There is a client setting that allows users to add HTML tags to field names for state forms and generic activities.


The use of HTML tags provides a more user-friendly experience when a user is accessing state forms and generic activities.



For state forms and generic activities, on the Manage Activity Fields screen, there is a new setting: Allow HTML Coding check box.

By default, this setting is disabled. When this setting is enabled, the following warning/error message displays: [Using HTML codes can make your activity or site vulnerable to security breaches. Do you want to continue? - Yes/No].

Only the following list of HTML codes and colors are supported when the new setting is enabled:

  • Supported HTML codes:

    • <body> Defines the document's body.

    • <br> Defines a single line break.

    • <style> Defines style information for a document.

    • <div> Defines a section in a document.

    • <span> Defines a section in a document.

    • <header> Defines a header for a document or section.

    • <footer> Defines a footer for a document or section.

    • <main> Specifies the main content of a document.

    • <section> Defines a section in a document.

    • <h1> to <h6 Defines HTML headings.

    • <font> Defines font, color, and size for text.

    • <title> Defines a title for the document.

    • <!--...--> Defines a comment.

    • <p> Defines a paragraph.

    • <b> Defines bold text.

    • <i> Defines a part of the text in an alternate voice or mood.

    • <em> Defines emphasized text.

    • <mark> Defines marked/highlighted text.

    • <q> Defines a short quotation.

    • <small> Defines smaller text.

    • <strike> Defines strikethrough text.

    • <strong> Defines important text.

    • <sub> Defines subscripted text.

    • <sup> Defines superscripted text.

  • Supported colors:

Manage Activity Fields screen: Label Column: