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Assign I-9 Approver Task


The following provides an overview of the Assign I-9 Approver task.

  • For Assign I-9 Approver task:

    • The Adhoc workflow step option is disabled for the Assign I-9 Approver task.

    • The Allow Third Party Approver option is disabled if the Assign I-9 Approver is added into the workflow.

    • The reopen of Assign I-9 Approver task is not allowed if I-9 Section 2 is completed with receipts.

  • On the Assign I-9 Approver page, there is an Opt Out button for a third-party task. If a task is opted out, the following message displays: [ If you opt-out of this task you will not be able to go back and fill out this form; the task will be completed].


    Assign I-9 Approver Task - Status: Opted Out:

  • Change Completed By for a third-party task.