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System Admin User Type as Primary Recruiter


Situation: Client has a System Admin (super user) who is also the Primary Recruiter for a number of jobs coming into Onboard. Once in Onboard, that user isn't given the option to be a Primary Recruiter, only a Primary HM.

Question: Is there a way to add Primary Recruiter to a System Admin persona in Onboard? The persona for a System Admin is set at Administrator. In other words, what options does a client have if a System Admin user type with an Administrator persona needs to have the ability to also be the Primary Recruiter.


  1. If the System Admin user type must also be the Primary Recruiter, the Recruiter persona must be used. This is the only persona that allows for the user type to be both the Primary HM and the Primary Recruiter.

  2. If you need a System Admin to have the Recruiter persona, it is best practice not to change the default System Admin user type. It is better to clone the Recruiter user type, rename it to Super User (or corresponding user type) and set the permissions from there. This enables a baseline (QA tested) user type with Administrator persona that is untouched in the system, allowing it to be referenced if there is a need to see how this normally acts in the Onboarding system.

  3. There are system changes that occur to user types based on their coinciding personas. The main differences are in the Dashboard, Correspondences, and possibly Responsible Users, depending on how workflows are set up.

  4. Lastly, and most importantly, all these decisions should be based on the conversation that occurs between the Onboard team and a client. During user type discussions, it is always good to determine if a client plans on using their System Admin in any type of Recruiter role; if they need the System Admin and Recruiters separated, and so on. A good understanding of the use of user types early in the process will help alleviate questions and places everyone in the right direction early in the process.