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Infinite Talent Onboard

Assigning a Standalone Task to a New Hire


You can assign a standalone task to a new hire.

In Onboard Manager, an onboarding manager can assign standalone tasks (I-9 Section 1, I-9 Section 2, I-9 Section 3, and E-Verify) to a new hire. Standalone tasks can be completed at any point of time, even after Onboard End, regardless of the other tasks in the workflow.

Standalone E-Verify is reportable.

Note: For a standalone task to be utilized, a standalone setting must be configured/enabled for the client. If not enabled, standalone tasks will not be created.

Note: There must already be a completed I-9 form, or an error will display when you select the E-Verify menu selection.

With standalone tasks (I-9 Section 1, E-Verify, I-9 Section 3), the requisition number is appended to a job application title:

  • In Change Filters in Onboarding Tasks page.

  • In a new hire's My Task page.


  1. Select a pointer icon by a hire name on a hire profile page to display a menu. That menu can contain an E-Verify selection (if E-Verify is configured as a standalone task).

  2. Select the E-Verify selection. An E-Verify task is added to the tasks a new hire must complete.


There is an I-9/E-Verify standalone task that is specific to a job application.

In Onboard Manager, the following tasks display:

  • I-9 Section 1_Standalone task

  • E-Verify_Standalone task

If you select a job application title that does not have a completed I-9 Section 2, then the following error message displays: [Standalone task cannot be created as Job does not have a completed I-9].