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Infinite Talent Onboard

Managing Your eSignature in Your Onboard Profile


An eSignature is an electronic signature. Some tasks require an eSignature. You can edit your eSignature. You cannot edit other profile information (for example, home address, phone numbers, etc).

For information on eSignature Capabilities and Compliance, see the eSignature Capabilities and Compliance Guide.

There are two ways to provide an eSignature:

  • Uploading a scanned image of your signature. You can upload your eSignature (as an image file) if you already have one. You can only upload a .jpg or .png file. The image cannot exceed 1MG.

  • Drawing a signature.

You can edit (redo) an eSignature, but once you use it to sign a particular form, you cannot change it for that form. This ensures the onboarding process is not completed with two different signatures.

The first time you access a form that requires an eSignature, you will be prompted to create one. If you want to change it, either start another form that requires an eSignature (and follow the prompts), or open the page that directly allows you to create/edit one. To directly reach the eSignature page, select Onboard Profile from the navigation menu. You can edit or enter an e-Signature. If you select Edit, you can upload a graphic image of your signature or draw a new one.

For security purposes, some tasks require an "enhanced" eSignature, which means you must enter your user name and password before your eSignature can be submitted.

  1. Select the Navigation Menu icon (in the banner/header row that contains the logo). The navigation menu displays.

  2. Select the Onboard Profile menu item. The My Onboard Information page displays.

  3. In the Electronic Signature portion of the page, select the Edit link. An Upload button and a Draw Signature link displays.

  4. Select Upload to upload a scanned image of your signature. An Upload an eSignature link displays. From the resulting screen, browse to the image file (.jpg or .png) that contains your scanned signature, and upload it.

  5. Or

  6. Select Draw Signature to use your mouse to write your signature. If you are not satisfied with the result, select the Erase link, and draw your signature again.

  7. When you finish uploading/drawing the your signature, select the Submit button.