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Infinite Talent Onboard

Viewing Progress of New Hires within Task Groups


Any client with access to the Manage New Hires page in Onboard Manager can utilize task groups. Onboarding managers can view a new hire's tasks within a task group by selecting the task group status link to quickly view current task status.


With this feature:

  • On the Manage New Hires page, all tasks within a task group are viewable within a scrollable pop-up window. Selecting a task status link (such as Completed from a task group such as I-9 or E-Verify or New Hire Ready) displays a pop-up window that contains all tasks within the task group. Note: Selecting the new hire's name displays the Onboarding Tasks page.

  • The task group pop-up window displays the task group name, the new hire's name, the number of tasks in the task group, and the following columns: Task Name, Task Owner, Due Date, and Status. By default, these columns are sorted by their workflow order. Note: There is no column sorting on this page other than the default.

    • Task Name is the name of the task. When selected, the task detail page displays. Note: The task name is not a link if the new hire is dispositioned on the job application concerning the task group.

    • Task Owner is the owner of the task.

    • Due Date is the date the new hire must complete the task.

    • Status is the status of the task.

  • There are five status indicators for the respective task group:

    • Not Started - Has not completed at least one task within the task group.

    • In Progress - Has completed at least one task but has not completed all tasks within the task group.

    • Over Due - When at least one task within the group is overdue. Overrides not started and in progress. Note: Overdue tasks go to the beginning of the list. Note: For Overdue tasks, the status order is: Overdue, Pending, In Progress, Not Started, and Completed. If there are no Overdue tasks, the status order is: Pending, In Progress, Not Started, and Completed.

    • Completed - All tasks are completed within the task group. Note: All completed tasks move to the end in the order they are completed.

    • Not Applicable - When a group is comprised of tasks where the conditions are not met to present to the new hire; or, when a custom task group isn't configured.

  • Skipped tasks (condition not met/optional, not completed) disappear from the list.

  • Opted-out tasks remain as opted out.

  • Started tasks and tasks the user does not have the capability, based on user type, to view are not selectable and do not show up as a link.

  • With Completed/Discontinued new hires, task groups are not updated.

  • New hire task groups are reevaluated when tasks groups are updated AND onboarding status is not complete or discontinued.

  • Regenerated ad-hoc tasks DO NOT count against task group status.

  • Selecting a pointer icon by a task name on the Manage New Hires (task group) displays a menu containing:

    • View Task. Displays the task.

    • Reopen Task. Reopens a completed task (if the task can be reopened).

    • Claim Task. Allows you to claim the task so that you can complete it. This enables faster completion of the onboarding process. You can access all new hire records, and act upon an open onboard task, even if you are not responsible for a particular job (are not a job participant). The system (by default) sends the original task owner an email about the change of ownership, and refreshes the page so it reflects the change. You cannot claim a task that requires a new hire's sign-off.

Note: All I-9 Section 2 tasks with receipts and standalone will display.