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Infinite Talent Onboard

Welcome to Onboard Manager


As an onboarding/hiring manager, there are tasks you must complete as part of the onboarding ("welcome aboard") process for a hire.

Use the Onboard Manager application to review/edit:

  • Hires who are currently onboarding along with related tasks (Main link on the navigation menu).

  • Hires who are just entering the onboarding process along with related tasks (My Tasks link on the navigation menu). These tasks are specific to the currently logged in onboarding/hiring manager.

Hires use the Onboard application to complete the onboarding process. Onboard Manager uses many of the same features as Onboard, which makes it easier for your tasks to dovetail with hire tasks. This document could contain topics that may not apply to you because the content of the Onboard Manager pages varies depending on how your company sets up the application.

Hire Tasks

Discontinue onboarding process for any hire who should no longer be brought aboard:

  • Discontinue onboarding process

Ensure that all onboarding tasks are completed:

  • Create an account for a hire.

  • View new hires based on job location.

  • Verify that new hire is using the Onboard application.

  • Verify new hire I-9 information.

  • Submit to E-Verify.

  • Verify W-4 and state tax forms.

  • Verify onboarding requirements.

  • Verify medical clearance.

  • Verify that import data is correct.

  • Verify that new hire completed the tax credit survey.

  • Assign a staffing specialist.

  • Start onboarding process

  • Use provisioning checklist.

  • Verify that export data is correct.

  • Verify that new hire completed the tax credit survey.

  • Managing documents

Ensure that all hire profile tasks are completed:

  • Verify hire personal information is correct.

  • Manage onboarding tasks.

  • View signed forms and documents.

  • Manage correspondence logs.

  • Manage onboarding participants.

  • End onboarding process.

Perform other tasks:

  • Search for hires.

  • Access standalone Onboard.

  • Log out.

Some onboarding tasks and hire profile tasks can occur concurrently. Since the workflow is configurable, the list of onboarding tasks and hire profile tasks is subject to change.