Add Notes And ToDos
  • 04 Mar 2024
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Add Notes And ToDos

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Product: BrassRing

Add Notes And ToDos

  • Notes are used to document conversations and set reminders for future actions to take, such as calling a candidate to arrange an interview.

    • Notes are discoverable and remain with the Talent Record as it moves to various folders and people.

    • Notes can be designated as public or private. Notes specified as [My notes] are private and only you and Super Users can view private notes.

    • When adding a note to a candidate record from a req folder, that req number appears in the note.

    • The notes icon appears in the list of candidates when candidates have notes that are attached to their Talent Records.


  • To do’s in BrassRing on Cloud enables you to keep track of the tasks to accomplish.

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View Notes

  • To view notes for a candidate, open the candidates Talent Record, and select Notes in the [Activity] section.

  • Alternatively select the notes icon in a list of candidates to open a new window with a list of the notes.

Add Notes or ToDo items

  1. To add a note to a candidates Talent Record, access the Talent Record. In the Activity section, select Notes. Select +Add.

  2. Alternatively, in a list of candidates, in the [Notes Column], select the + icon.

  3. The [Notes] window opens. Enter the note text, select the access level.

  4. To create a To Do list item, insert a reminder date. To leave the note as a note, leave the reminder date blank.

  5. Select Submit.

  6. Select OK.

Edit or Delete Public Notes

Release 18.07.23. BrassRing users with appropriate user type privileges can edit or delete Public notes from a candidate's Talent Record. The User Type Privileges are part of the Candidate Actions 3 privileges. For more information, see User Type Management.

  1. To edit a public note, access the candidates Talent Record. In the [Activity section], select Notes, and select the Edit icon. Edit the note as needed, and select Save.

  2. To delete a public note, access the candidates Talent Record. In the [Activity section], select Notes, and select the Delete icon. Select OK..

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