B–O Integration: Best Practices/Lessons Learned
  • 28 Feb 2024
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B–O Integration: Best Practices/Lessons Learned

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Duplicate email addresses. When consulting with clients using both BrassRing and Onboard, ensure they understand that all users must use a unique email address. If it is not unique, it will cause an error and the integration point can fail because of it.

The production and staging sites are not identical. BrassRing IC, Onboard IC, and client should always keep sites the same.

During the B-O integration, multi-select Dictionary fields cannot be used. They will not import correctly into Onboard.

Any Requisition field used in BrassRing cannot be displayed in the Onboard New Hire application unless they are configured as an Applicant field in Onboard.

Any Dictionary field in BrassRing that is an auto-fill field only sends a code value to Onboard, not the description. Since most clients send the description, this can cause issues if the auto-fill field is included in the B-O integration.

BrassRing and Onboard use different field validations. Because of this, the validations in Onboard cannot be more restrictive than those used in BrassRing. If they are, the integration can fail due to a validation error.

Any time you send a Dictionary value from BrassRing into Onboard, the Dictionary value must be present in Onboard. If it is not, the integration will fail unless you have informed the PSE that you want that field to be set to auto-create values on the fly. Doing so will allow the new value to be added to the dictionary automatically.

User Groups and User Types must match exactly. If they are not exact, the integration will fail. When setting up the integration, confirm that the user group used in BrassRing is the same one as in Onboard.

Any field that is required in Onboard must have the field required in BrassRing. Otherwise, it can cause the integration to fail if the new hire does not have the field populated.


There must be internal communication when setting up the B-Onboard integration. If either side is aware of something that could potentially impact the integration, they must inform the group.

There should also be communication between sides when setting up the HR Status to be used as the trigger for the integration, and when setting up the subscription with the fields to be used during the integration.

BrassRing IC should inform the client that all user accounts must have a unique email address.

The first activity in the Onboard workflow must have a user responsible assigned to the activity.

  • That user must be on the requisition team.

  • The best way to ensure this is done is by hard-coding the user responsible (Kenexa Recruiter) to the integration. Doing so puts that user on every single requisition that is passed from BrassRing to Onboard.