BrassRing Responsive User Interface FAQ
  • 22 Apr 2024
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BrassRing Responsive User Interface FAQ

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Product: BrassRing


The new Infinite BrassRing Recruiter UI was initially released in February of 2015 and we have continued to enhance that experience. Infinite Design Thinking and Client Sponsor users helped shape the new experience and worked to focus on making the most common hiring manager, and recruiter tasks, and workflows, more user friendly. The new UI offers a clean and fast approach to Infinite BrassRing functions; for example

  • Type ahead fields with predictive text

  • Faceted and Advanced Search functions

  • Improved Quick Search on Candidates or Requisitions

  • Quick links access from any page

  • Persona settings allow for a more customized home page view while retaining current user privileges

  • Metrics Dashboard access

  • Enhanced Branding Options

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Common Questions and Answers

Can training videos be included in the Quick Link section?

Yes, absolutely. That is a great example of a link that would work well in Quick Links.

Are Quick Links set-up for individual use only or can they be set up for everyone to use?

Workbench Admins can configure default Quick Links per persona and, if permissions allow, users can add or edit their own Quick Links that persist from login to login.

Can more options be added to the Folder list in Quick Links?

Yes, users can add extra folders to the Quick Links section to allow for personal organization.

What is the limit of requisition pending to approve that shows in the My tasks?

There is no limit to how many reqs you see on the My Tasks tab. Only reqs and candidate forms pending your approval show, not all my reqs or my forms that are pending show.

Can my open reqs be exported to Excel?

Yes, this can be done from the grid view under the Actions menu.

Does the My Tasks tab include reqs or forms that use Custom Workflow Approval (Smart Approval)?

Yes, My Tasks include Custom or Smart Approval Workflows.

Will there be any enhancements to allow more than six fields to be added to the My Open Reqs card view?

Not currently. If users would like to see additional fields, it is recommended to flip to the Grid view where you can add up to 20 fields.

Can new or custom tabs be created in the edit tabs option?

You cannot create additional tabs, only the ones that currently display: My Open Reqs, My Tasks, and My Candidates. More Tabs are planned to be added in 2019.

Will the "results shown by page" (5-10-25) section will have an "ALL" option soon?

This is not currently planned.

Can a Recruiter still search all open reqs (or candidates)?

Yes. If the Recruiters have the user permissions that allow access to all open reqs or candidates, they are still able to search in the New UI.

As a system administrator, am I able to view all reqs that are created in the system or only reqs that I'm associated with?

The home page is designed for recruiters and managers to see the reqs that they are associated to. Administrators can access all reqs (ones they’re not associated to) by selecting Menu → Reqs → View Open.

Our current panels have a set-up that feeds applications to our recruiters 10 at a time. Does this New UI let us set it up like the panels?

If you have custom subpanels set up, the users still see the panels set-up. All HR Status functions are the same in the UI - you do not lose any functions with your subpanels, candidate tiering, or automation.

Is the "update same status" option still available in the New UI?

You can absolutely update same status in the New UI. To do this, select the boxes next to the candidate names and either select the HR Status link, and it updates, or you can go to the Actions menu. All candidates need to be in the same status to update to the next.

What are the different search options available in the Quick Search field?

  • In Name searches just the candidate name fields on the Talent Record.

  • In Resume searches the candidate contact fields and the candidate’s resume for the search terms that are entered.

  • Boolean operators of AND and OR can be used but they must be capitalized. Parentheses can also be used in the quick search.

Does the “In Resume” account for attachment resumes?

The In Resume just looks at the Talent Record resume when quick searching.

Can other custom req fields be added to the available columns for display?

Yes. Custom req fields can be identified as searchable/outputable fields in Workbench, so that they then appear in the list of Available Columns in the Configure Display of a grid view.

Is the candidate search defined by persona?

No, the candidate search is defined by user type permissions. The fields and forms a user can select when searching are based on the form/field level permissions. There is also a user type permission that allows users to search for candidates within my reqs, and not the entire database.

What filters are available in the system?

  • There are many filter options. You can edit the filters to include fields you have in the system. For Example:

    • If your organization has a way of capturing levels of fluency or level of excel knowledge, that field can be added as a filter.

    • If your organization is collecting language proficiency, that field can be added as a filter.

Can filters be added to a req folder?

Yes, the filter function is available within the req folders.

How is filtering the action log by the current req done?

The talent record has a search box within the Activity log that can be used for this purpose.

How is the diversity visualization configured?

To view the diversity visualization, the user type permission BrassRing Home page - View Candidate Diversity Distribution in the Reports 2 section in Workbench must be enabled. You must also configure the standard diversity report settings. That can be found in Workbench, by selecting Tools → Settings → Reports → Diversity Settings. Mapping the diversity fields in the reports section is not currently available to Workbench admins. An Infinite team member needs to configure this for you. Contact the Product Consulting or Global Support Center for help with this.

Where is the Candidate Conversion visualization?

From the candidate results grid, select the Visualize icon. This shows the candidate conversion visualization if your organization has mapped the HR Status Categories.

Can all users see the Candidate Conversion visualization?

Yes. The HR Status conversion visualization is available to all users. If you are accessing reqs from the home page, select a req and go into the req filter where you see the candidate list. The visualization icon is available on the grid.

Is Overnight Search going to be added to the New UI?

Overnight Search was originally intended as a way to file candidates before Insta-File was an option on Requisitions. With the enhancement to Candidate Search in the New UI and the ability to run and save searches faster and easier, overnight searching became obsolete and will not be converted to the new experience.

Will the Custom Help link be available from all pages of the new UI?

Custom Help was a function made available before Quicklinks. For a more consistent experience for users, it is recommended links be added to Quicklinks to account for any Help Links your users were accessing in the Classic UI.

What are personas and how do I configure them?

More information about Persona Groups can be found on the Persona Group Management and User Interface Management sections of the Infinite Knowledge Center.

Workbench Configuration Steps to map personas to your organization’s User Types: Tools → Users → User Types → Edit User Type.

There are six standard personas: Administrator, Recruiter, Manager, HR User, Reporting/Analytics, and Default.