Candidate Experience with Talent Gateway
  • 04 Mar 2024
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Candidate Experience with Talent Gateway

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Product:  BrassRing

Candidate Experience with Talent Gateway

  • Your candidates use  Talent Gateways to seek and apply for jobs online, externally by using your company website and internally by using your intranet.

  • Candidates can upload their resume to the  Talent Gateway. Resumes or CVs submitted by using  Talent Gateways appear within BrassRing , and candidates receive an email confirmation.

  • Talent Gateways mso-font-kerning:0pt; mso-ligatures:none; mso-fareast-language:EN-IN"> allow recruiters to ask pre-qualifying questions. The questions and responses to them are referred to as a  Job Response Form, and are appended to the resume or CV to be viewable by recruiters.

  • Resumes or CVs are tagged with codes to capture the jobs that are applied to, and the source that directed the candidate to apply.

  • Your company might limit the number of jobs a candidate can apply to in a single submission within a  Talent Gateway, per req, and within a specific period (month, year, specific number of days).

  • Candidates might be:

    • Required to consent to your company’s data privacy policy.

    • Able to set up a saved search that informs them about jobs posted that matching their search criteria.

    • Able to save jobs to a job cart for later to retrieve and apply.

    • Able to send job descriptions to others by selecting  Send to friend.

    • Able to check the status of their job submissions, check the status of their referral, or withdraw a submission.

  • If a candidate used their Google account information to login to a responsive Talent Gateway, when a candidate logs out of their Talent Gateway profile, they are prompted to sign out of their Google profile as well. Updated  Build 19.05.06.

  • If a candidate deletes their candidate profile while they are logged into their Google account, they are prompted to log out of the Google account. Updated  Build 19.05.06.

  • Released in Release 18.11.12 mso-font-kerning:0pt; mso-ligatures:none; mso-fareast-language:EN-IN">. A configurable  skills field is optional to the application process and required in the  Candidate Zone Profile section of the  Responsive Talent Gateways.

    • Skills that are submitted by the candidate are added to the submitted resume in the  Talent Record.

    • The  Gateway Questionnaire setting does not affect the  Skills field on the  Candidate Zone Profile page. The  Skills field is present and required on the Profile page if the  Experience section is enabled.

    • The  Skills field cannot be displayed without the  Experience section.

    • Selecting  Add removes any text that is already entered in the  Skills field should.

    • No pull-down arrow is present on the  Skills field for any  Talent Gateway.

    • For  All Talent Gateway Locales:

      • The  Skills field allows candidates to input their own skills data by entering a skill and selecting  Add. Candidates can add up to 50 skills in one submission. There is a limit of 50 characters per skill entered.

      • The  Skills field  automatically displays as an optional field in the application process.

      • Resumes or CVs uploaded by using the Import Profile have skills automatically parsed into the  Skills field. If no skills are found in the Resume or CV, or parsed by the system, then the field remains blank.

      • The auto-complete list available in the  Skills field which is populated from the Talent Frameworks is only translated for the  US and International English locale Talent Gateways. All other locale  Talent Gateways have only a text box for candidates to insert skills manually.

      • The  Skills list suggestions are loaded from the Infinite Talent Frameworks Skills master-list and  cannot be edited.

      • Skills are not currently reportable in the  Data Insight Tool but can be searched by recruiters in the  Quick Search or the Candidate Search screen by using the  Skills or  Keywords field.

    • For  English and International English Talent Gateway Locales:

      • The  Skills field is a text input field with auto-complete suggestions for the US and International English locale Talent Gateways.

      • If the skill inserted by the candidate is not included in the system list, candidates can also insert a skill manually by typing the skill and selecting  Add. Skills are limited to 50 characters.

      • Resumes or CVs uploaded by using the Import Profile have skills automatically parsed into the  Skills field. If no skills are found in the Resume or CV, or parsed by the system, then the field remains blank.

  • Talent Gateways support the following file formats: .avi .mp3 .rtf .bmp .mp4 .swf .csv .mpeg .tif .doc .docx .mpg .wmv .gif .pdf .xls .jpeg .ppt .xlsx .mov .pptx .xml



The candidate selects Job search to search for open reqs that have been posted to the Talent Gateway. A candidate can search by Keyword, Location, Title, Req ID, Location or Division, and other fields. When the search results display, candidates review the job information, and view the job titles that they are interested in.

Apply to a Job and submit a Resume or CV

The candidate selects Apply on a req and is prompted to create a login and build an account. Their account enables a candidate to track submissions and maintain multiple versions of a resume or CV online. The candidate starts the application and receives an approximate completion time. The candidate selects Add resume/CV to submit their resume, or selects Use my profile as my resume/CV if they have a profile

The resume or CV is parsed and the candidate confirms data extraction of resume or CV information, such as: First name, Last name, Position held, Employer, Educational Institute, and Degree. The maximum number of submissions that are allowed by a candidate on the Responsive Talent Gateway is limited to 100. There is no time restriction on this. An error message is displayed when the candidate tries to submit after the number of submissions reaches 100.


  • Candidates can check the status of their job submissions that are sent through a Talent Gateway by selecting Candidate Zone → Dashboard → Applications → Submitted Applications.

  • The job cards are removed across all Talent Gateway Submitted Applications sections when the Req Status is Closed, Canceled, or Deleted, AND it has been more than 90 days since the last HR status change.

  • The information that is contained within the Job submission status is updated every 24 hours.

  • HR Statuses assigned to candidates are masked with the name of the HR Status Category, making the terminology more candidate-friendly.

  • Candidates can only withdraw a submission to a job if their resume or CV is in that job’s req folder, the proper configurations are enabled, and the candidate is in a designated HR Status allowing them to withdraw.

  • When a candidate withdraws their submission, their HR status is updated automatically to a final status, and remains in the requisition folder.

  • When a candidate reactivates their submission, their HR status is updated in BrassRing to the status before the withdrawal.