Closing an E-Verify Case
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Closing an E-Verify Case

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When E-Verify provides a final verification case result, the onboarding manager must close the case, regardless of the result.

There are various ways to close a case, depending on the circumstances. Note: Onboarding managers can close a case at any point DHS allows, and can close a case that is not Employment Authorized.

Close Case when Result is Employment Authorization

When the E-Verify response is Employment Authorization, the onboarding manager can close the case from the same page.


Close Case After Issues Are Resolved


Once all issues are resolved, the onboarding manager can close the case from the Close Case page.

The onboarding manager must answer two questions:

  • Is this new hire currently employed?

  • What is the reason for closing this case?

Close Case or Request Additional Verification


View Case History


Close Case - Auto Close with All Employment Authorized Case Result

All Employment Authorized case statuses are automatically closed by DHS.

Any case that receives an Employment Authorization case result during any step of the verification process is automatically closed with standard closure reasons. This means that a case status of EMPLOYMENT_AUTHORIZED will not be returned. Instead, that case is closed, a status of CLOSED is returned, and the user will not need to manually close the case.

The E-Verify task is not automatically closed in this case. This is intentional, and allows the user to review the case status.

In any other situation where a case does not receive Employment Authorized, manual closure is still required.

Close Case - Auto Close While Dispositioning

When configured, an E-Verify case can automatically be closed when an employee is not with a company. There is a configuration setting that, when enabled, allows an intermittent E-Verify case to close with an [incorrect data] closure code when the employee is not with company (dispositioned/discontinued).

The client can discontinue the new hire with an in-progress/suspended E-Verify case status.

Close Case - Can't Close while in Referred or Case in Continuance Status

As of February 06, 2019, E-Verify Web Services users can no longer close cases while in SSA Referred or SSA Case in Continuance statuses. The need for this change comes from DHS (Department of Homeland Security). This change was implemented in order to reduce the number of errors received while SSA works to resolve these cases.

If users attempt to close a case while in either of these statuses, E-Verify displays an error message: [Case is not in the correct state for this operation]. Users must wait for the system to provide a final result before they can close the case.

This change applies to existing cases currently showing SSA Referred or SSA Case in Continuance statuses. Note: Clients will see a generic error message when they close the case, but they can view the specific error message from the logs.