Configure Standalone E-Verify Task
  • 28 Feb 2024
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Configure Standalone E-Verify Task

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In Onboard Manager, an onboarding manager can assign a standalone E-Verify task to a new hire.

In Onboard Manager, selecting a pointer icon by a hire name on a hire profile page displays a menu. That menu now contains an E-Verify selection.


The E-Verify menu option only displays when E-Verify is configured as a standalone task. When the onboarding manager selects it, it adds an E-Verify task that the new hire must complete.

There must already be a completed I-9 form, or an error will display when the onboarding manager selects the E-Verify menu item.


To configure the standalone E-Verify feature:

  1. On the System Configuration tab, in the Show statement select Activity Fields. The Manage Activity Fields screen displays.

  2. Select the E-Verify activity. The Activities E-Verify panes display.

  3. In the Activity Settings pane, select the Enable Stand Alone Activity Settings check box.


  4. The Stand Alone Activity Settings pane displays.


    • Select Responsible User Types from the drop-down.

    • Select Permitted User Types from the drop-down.

    • Select other fields, as needed.

  5. Select Save.