Configuring View-Only Task Implementation for Activities
  • 16 Mar 2024
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Configuring View-Only Task Implementation for Activities

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System administrators can prevent user types from completing tasks they can see but are not responsible for, to ensure compliance and mitigate confusion.

On the Manage Job Workflow screen, in the configuration pop-up, there is a Prevent User Type(s) from View/Edit/Completion of this Task check box. This can be configured per task, per workflow.

If the user type is configured for this check box, the view within the interface for the user type is still hyperlinked, but they cannot complete the task. It's like a view mode of the uncompleted task.

User types must select the task to view it AFTER it’s completed, but respect the inability to edit/complete.

For multi-step tasks, users who are view-only can only view the steps that are completed. There is a Back button on those tasks, which allows users to move to the previous screen for easy navigation. Note: The Back button only displays in a view-only task for single-step tasks. Fields display in read-only.

For prevented user types, the user's task link displays. The task opens in the view-only mode. For view-only tasks, the following message [ You have view-only access to this task] displays in the task. Prevented users also can open completed tasks. There is no functional change for completed tasks.

This is for both prevented and unprevented users without the unrestricted tasks view capability. The link is not shown without the unrestricted capability:

Activities with No Template, Onboard Start, Generic Form, and Onboard End are shown as follows for a prevented user (who has no signature):

Generic Form - A task with eSignature required is shown as follows for all users apart from the responsible user: