Creating a New Account for a Hire
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Creating a New Account for a Hire

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Article Summary


This task allows you to create a new account for a hire.

  1. Enter information into each field.

  2. For emergency contacts, use the Add link to add contacts, and the Remove button to delete contacts.

  3. Select the Save button. Once you create a new hire, the password is set by the new hire at the first login. The system sends an email to the user with a URL. On accessing the URL, the new hire is prompted to set up a password, as well as security questions and answers as per standard procedure.

    Table 9. New Hire Fields



    Account (User Name, Locale)

    Account information.

    Name (First Name, Last Name)

    Hire name.

    Email (Work Email)

    Hire email address.

    Job Details (Job Req, Employment Start Date)

    Job information.

    If you enter more than three digits in the Job Requisition field, the application displays all open jobs with those first three digits, and you can select the one you want.

    Create New Hire Profile (Date of Birth, City)

    Hire profile information.

    Emergency Contacts (First Name, Last Name)

    Emergency contact information. An Add link allows you to add contacts. A Remove button allows you to delete contacts.

    Save Button

    Allows you to save the information.