Customizing E-Mail Correspondence
  • 28 Feb 2024
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Customizing E-Mail Correspondence

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Article Summary


Talent Suite administrators can customize a message for any onboarding e-mail correspondence that is sent at the end of an activity. The customize e-mail correspond configuration is performed in the Onboard Manage Correspondence Templates screen.

Onboarding administrators have custom fields available to customize the e-mails that go to new hires upon activity completion. Configuration includes displaying custom tags inside the body of the e-mail correspondence to fetch custom data, and also in the final correspondence the new hire receives to start onboarding.


To access the Manage Correspondence Templates screen,


In the Recipients and Content section,


  1. In the Global Toolbar, display the Settings menu and then select Settings.

  2. Select the System Configuration tab, if not already selected.

  3. Display the Show drop-down list and then select Correspondence. The Manage Correspondence Template screen opens.

  4. Enter customization content in the Body section for the correspondence.

    For example:
    Additional Custom Fields

    <%activity.jobApplication.applicant.Additional Custom Boolean 58%>
    Figure 61. Manage Correspondence Template screen

  5. Select the Save

    icon to save changes.