Discontinuing the Onboarding Process
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Discontinuing the Onboarding Process

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You must discontinue the onboarding process for any hire who should no longer be brought onboard. When a new hire is discontinued, all tasks, for all users, are removed on all the jobs to which the new hire is currently applied.

IMPORTANT: Be sure this is the action you want to take before performing this task since this ends the onboarding process of that new hire on all currently applied-to jobs.

  1. On a hire profile page, select the pointer by the hire name.

  2. From the resulting menu, select Discontinue Onboarding. A Discontinue Onboarding pop-up displays, asking you if you are sure you want to discontinue the onboarding process because you will lose all hire information.

  3. Select the Discontinue Onboarding button. The onboarding process for the hire is discontinued

    Table 16. Discontinuing Onboarding Process Fields



    Discontinue Onboarding Button

    Discontinues the onboarding process for a hire. A message displays, informing you that onboarding for the hire has been discontinued.

    Cancel Link

    Closes the Discontinue Onboarding pop-up.