Ending the Onboarding Process
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Ending the Onboarding Process

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You end onboarding for a hire once all onboarding tasks are completed and a hire's information is successfully exported to the master database.

When you end onboarding for a hire, the hire will no longer be in the system, so be sure all requirements for the hire are met before performing this task.

  1. Access an Onboard End task.

  2. Enter the date completed, and any notes.

  3. Select the End Onboard button.

  4. The onboarding process for the hire ends.

    Table 25. End Onboarding Fields



    Date Completed

    Date the Onboarding process was completed.

    Primary e-mail

    E-mail address of the hire.



    End Onboard Button

    Ends the onboarding process for a hire. A message displays, informing you that onboarding for the hire has ended.

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