Evergreen Reqs FAQ
  • 07 Mar 2024
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Evergreen Reqs FAQ

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Product: BrassRing

Client Enablement Session

Topic: BrassRing Evergreen Req Functionality. Date: September 18th, 2018.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where are the candidate profiles stored if they are archived?

Archived candidates are stored in the Evergreen Archive folder. This is accessible only to users with the appropriate user type privilege enabled.

Can candidates that apply to an evergreen req be sent over to Lead Manager?

Yes. A RAM trigger can be set up to send candidates, based on your conditions, to Lead Manager by using the Notify – Lead Manager action.

Can those Push/Pull RAMs be used on non-evergreen reqs? We do use sourcing reqs for our high volume call centers. For that reqs, we usually will have classes that we are hiring for and can be anywhere from 15-30 folks at a time. Would it be possible to use this kind of RAM to push candidates over to the hire req at a specific HR Status?

Yes. This should be feasible with a Push RAM trigger. Your Triggering mechanism would be HR Status, the Triggering Event would be the specific HR Status that you would like to trigger the sending of the candidate to the Hiring Req, and the Action would be to Copy/Move to Req. The trick here is to have the candidate copied/moved into the proper Hiring Req. You would need conditions in your RAM trigger that would identify one or more Hiring Reqs to move the candidate into. The condition logic is AND, so all of your conditions would have to match up for the copy/move to be successful. The RAM Configuration Guide is posted on the Infinite Knowledge Center for reference.

Is there a way to link the hiring req back to the evergreen req for reporting purposes? Per another client: We use a field that is manually updated that says this: If candidates are from a sourcing req, enter in the req number.

Yes. A field should be added to the Hiring Req (form) to collect this information. I’d suggest a text field that would be filled out by the BrassRing user.

Are you able to report on the HR Status Moves on Archived candidates within DIT?

Yes. You can report on HR Status action dates out of the DIT for Archived candidates. You need to add the filter of Candidate Archive Status. You might also want to add the Candidate Archive Date and Candidate Archive Status fields to the output of the report to view that information, especially if your report will be pulling in data about candidates in the req folders that are not archived.

If the client setting AllowReqApplies is set to No will archived candidates be able to reapply to the same req? Our client setting is currently set to No, however, we are having an issue of archived candidates still be able to reapply.

You are correct. When the client setting of allowreqreapplies is set to No, archived candidates can apply to the requisition again. If the candidate is reinstated, they are then blocked from reapplying. This will need to be entered as an RFE.

Is it possible to default the Evergreen Requisition field to No?

Yes. You can use Job Code Default Data (JCDD) or Req Field Association (RFA) to default the Evergreen Requisition field.

What is the difference between My Req and My Req 2?

There are 2 privilege functions because of the amount of user type privileges. Simply put, there were too many to show in just one functional section so there was a second one created to show the additional privileges.

Would you send a link to the KC that describes how to enable Google job postings?

The Workbench configuration for the Post Jobs to Google can be found on our Knowledge Center.