Filling Out and Signing State Tax Forms
  • 26 Feb 2024
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Filling Out and Signing State Tax Forms

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The state tax forms are used so that your employer can withhold the correct state/local income tax from your paycheck.

  • Filling out and signing state forms is only a US and Canada task. Not: With some Canadian forms, you must provide an employee ID number. If not known, enter N/A.

  • You must provide an eSignature because you will use it to sign the state forms.

  • State forms do not display until you complete the W-4 task (Onboarding US W4) task.

  • Not every state uses a state tax withholding form. Some states use Form W-4 as their state withholding form. Some states use their own version of Form W-4 (and can have multiple forms).

  • While some forms are required, others are optional, allowing you to select an Opt-Out button to opt out. For example, there could be a disability or military form that does not apply to you. With the Opt-Out button, the task status is marked as Opted Out, and cannot be reopened.

  • The answers you provide in the state form task will be used to populate the actual state form.

  • If the state information you provided does not correspond to what was requested, you will receive a communication that changes are needed, and will be allowed to complete the task once again. Follow the same steps as before, and ensure the information you provide corresponds with the requested change.

In Onboard, on the My Tasks page, each state tax form has its own task name.

  1. Answer all the questions for a state form.

  2. Create/upload an eSignature (if you have not already done so in another task).

  3. When the actual state form displays (as a PDF, prefilled with your answers), review the form. If the information is:

    1. Not correct, select Back to Previous Step, and edit your answers. You can also select Save and Finish Later.

    2. Correct, select the check box that lets you agree that the form is correct and that your eSignature will be used to sign the form, and select the Success (Submit) button. The state form is submitted.

  4. To view/print the submitted PDF, either:

    1. From the My Tasks page, select the state form task (its status is Completed). On the resulting page, the PDF image is embedded into it.

    2. From the My Tasks page, select the Go to My Onboard Information link. On the resulting page, go to Documents. The submitted document will be present. Select it to display it. Some browsers will allow you to open the document; others will download it to the Downloads folder on your hard drive.