Getting Started and Introduction to Lead Manager & Acoustic Campaign
  • 18 Apr 2024
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Getting Started and Introduction to Lead Manager & Acoustic Campaign

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Lead Manager & Acoustic Campaign Getting Started


Acoustic Campaign was formerly Watson Campaign Automation. References to Watson Campaign Automation might still exist in training and documentation.

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Getting Started with Lead Manager & Acoustic Campaign Checklist

This checklist describes the steps that you need to get started with Lead manager and Acoustic Campaign. The tutorials that are mentioned in this document can be found throughout the Lead Manager and Acoustic Campaign documentation.

In Workbench:

  • Configure your users to use Lead Manager. Consult the Lead Manager User Type Privileges tutorial.

  • Configure your Listing Grids. Listing Grids set how Leads and Campaigns are viewed in Lead Manager. Consult the Configure Listing Grids tutorial.

  • Administer Your Sources. Sources describe where Leads are sourced from in Lead Manager. Consult the Administering Sources Tutorial.

  • Configure Statuses for your Leads. Lead Statuses allow you to quickly view and track where your Lead is in a Campaign. Consult the Administer Lead Statuses Tutorial.

  • [Optional] Configure any custom Lead or Campaign Fields. Custom fields store additional data about the Lead. Consult the Administer Lead Fields or Administer Campaign Fields tutorial.

  • [Optional] Configure BrassRing HR statuses to interact with Lead Manager. Consult the HR Status Management tutorial.

  • [Optional] Configure any Option Groups. Option Groups add custom menus to Lead Profiles. Consult the Administer Option Groups tutorial.

  • [Optional] set how long the New flag displays for Leads and Campaigns. Consult the Lead Manager Settings tutorial.

  • [Optional] Configure OFCCP searches in Lead Manager. Consult the OFCCP Searching tutorial.

In Lead Manager:

  • Import your existing Leads into Lead Manager by using a Microsoft Excel Upload or Bulk Resume Upload. For more information, see Lead Management.

In Acoustic Campaign:

  • Configure your users to use Acoustic Campaign.

  • Configure Query or Contact Lists for Sending Communications. Consult the Managing Query and Contact Lists tutorial.

  • [Optional] Add any custom Lead or Campaign Fields created in the setup of Lead Manager. Consult the Managing Your Database tutorial.

  • [Optional] Add any Source Code details to the database. A Source Code can be used to track where the Lead has submitted their details from in Lead Manager. Consult the Source Codes and File to Campaign Tutorial.

  • [Optional] Add the CampaignID field to the database. This field allows you to automatically file leads to campaigns when submitted from Landing Pages. Consult the Source Codes and File to Campaign Tutorial.

  • [Optional] Populate your Asset Library with your organizations branded materials, such as; images, logos, legal disclaimers, hyperlinks, HTML and text content to allow you to import these into communications and Landing Pages. Consult The Asset Library tutorial.

At this stage, you have configured your users, added any of your current Leads, configured the external search and configured Acoustic Campaign. You can now begin adding any campaigns, performing External Searches, set Notifications, creating Communications and creating Landing Pages