Infinite BrassRing Common Services Integrations FAQs
  • 06 Mar 2024
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Infinite BrassRing Common Services Integrations FAQs

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Product: Infinite BrassRing

Client Training and Enablement Session

  • Topic: BrassRing Common Services Integrations. Date: May 22, 2019.

BrassRing Common Services Integrations Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn't a 2-step be more secure? As in, no need to gather an SSN in the application...

Yes, that is true. If your organization doesn’t want to collect an SSN or PII information, it can be collected directly on the background check vendor’s site. However, we notice that the SSN is usually needed at some point anyway, so collecting it and encrypting it can be beneficial as well. It ultimately depends on when you want to collect the information.

We don't have "Add Integration type" option; Is it something that is related to SOW

This is because you don’t have the Power User Setting turned on (Power user edit access - Integrations – Administration).

If you are needing to change one of the source forms for the existing background check common - should I edit the existing for the vendor after saving a backup copy? Or better to save as new and have the vendor reference the new subscription?

From a BCG Integration perspective, if you’re changing the fields you’re sending over, you can update the current integration to send information over. But some candidates might have one form that is filled out and not another, so creating a new subscription might be the way to go. But you would need a separate or new HR Status to trigger that new integration. This also depends on the vendor. Run a DIT report and see how many candidates might be impacted. Then, if possible, you can work with those candidates to populate the new fields instead of creating a brand new subscription or HR Status.

Is there a list of vendors that are a part of the common services integration?

Your Infinite Representative or GSC can share this with you.

Can 1 HR Status kick off more than 1 common services integration?

One status can kick of multiple subscriptions, but if you have different types of integrations (background check, video interview, and so on) you would want to use different HR Statuses to kick those off.

Does the vendor just receive the data? Does the Candidate form matter, aka might it be that you change the Background Check (BCG) Results form do they care?

The vendor does receive the BCG info from a candidate form. This form is to collect the results of the BCG. The vendor doesn't typically care. Because we use a common schema for these integrations, the form is pretty locked down, however, you can hide fields from certain user types. You can add a field, but it won’t update the integration.

Premium XML would that be like the TG API type Integrations?

Premium integrations do not typically include TG API integrations. They are custom integrations that require things such as timed runs.

Where can I find current APIs our Corp Comm group is using for our TG? (not SSO)

Web or jobs API is not available in the integrations dashboard, so you’d want to submit a case to the GSC.