Infinite BrassRing Platform FAQs
  • 21 Feb 2024
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Infinite BrassRing Platform FAQs

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Talent Suite FAQs


We recommend not closing the browser before logging out of the application. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to log out from the application. This will help prevent any issues from arising and ensure a smooth user experience.

I am new to the Infinite BrassRing Platform. How do I get started with understanding the interface?

The following will help you to get up-and-running in the Infinite BrassRing Platform.

I need to manage users. How do I do that?

In the Infinite BrassRing Platform, all user management is done via the Infinite BrassRing Platform Admin application, from its Manage Users menu/screens. Refer to the Talent Suite Admin Application Guide for details.

  1. In the Infinite BrassRing Platform, access the Admin application by first selecting the Expand the Primary Navigation icon: application_launcher_icon.jpg

  2. In the resulting application row, select the Admin icon: admin_icon.jpg

  3. Display the Admin navigation menu by selecting the Expand the Navigation icon: navigation_menu_icon.jpg

  4. From the menu, expand the Manage Users menu item. You can perform the following tasks:

    • Search Users (and edit existing user)

    • Add New User

    • Import Users (bulk import)

    • Export Users (bulk export)

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