Interview Manager FAQs
  • 06 Mar 2024
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Interview Manager FAQs

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Product: Infinite BrassRing

Client Training and Enablement Session

  • Topic: BrassRing Interview Manager Users. Date: Jan 14, 2020.

  • Topic: BrassRing Interview Manager Admin Session. Date: Jan 21, 2020.

  • Topic: BrassRing Interview Manager Users. Date: Feb 18, 2020.

  • Topic: BrassRing Interview Manager Users. Date: Mar 12, 2020.

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Infinite BrassRing Interview Manager General Questions

Why is Interview Manager being released as a visible change?

Infinite Talent believes that for you to have the latest and greatest functionality that we should provide new features with minimal configuration so that you can take advantage of them quickly and easily.

If I wanted to not have the Interview Manager available to recruiters until we were ready, could I restrict those settings now? Or do I have to wait until Interview Manager is released to Production to do that?

You must wait until the Production release for those settings to become available.

If Interview Manager is released in production next week, would user access be defaulted to restrict or would we need to make sure we enable this setting?

The settings would not be selected by default; Workbench admins would have to enable/disable them. By default, all users will have access to Create Interviews for “My Open Reqs”. Click here to view details of the Interview Manager User Type privileges.

Interview Specific Questions

Is this form one per candidate per req, or can there be multiple? When creating an interview. I just assumed it was a form, but that might not be right. If there are multiple interviews, 1st, 2nd, etc., will we be able to "create interview" more than once with it saving each request separately and not override the previous one?

Creating an interview is not a form but you can create multiple interviews for candidates. Each interview is a stand-alone entity, so it captures as many interviews for a candidate as you need to set up.

Will the "done" button that appears after you created an interview just save as a draft? If not, what's the action of that button?

The Done button creates the interview either in a To be Scheduled status or the Invitation Pending status.

Can the file attachment feature be turned off?

Currently, the attachments cannot be turned off.

If any attachments are included in the interview invite, do these also show up on the Candidate Zone?

The attachment doesn’t appear for the Interview card view; however, it is available in the message notification from the bell icon.

If an interview is Expired, does that just mean the interview date has come and gone, or does it mean something else?

In general, any interview that was not accepted by all participants expires in time.

  • If an interview is scheduled (specific date and time), then expiry occurs after the start of the interview.

  • If an interview is not yet scheduled but has tentative dates or times selected (either for schedule type of ‘Ask Candidate first’ or ‘Verify Interviewer Availability first’), then the expiry occurs after the start of the last selected time slot.

  • If an interview was accepted by some participants but not all participants (for example, one interviewer confirmed, but another interviewer declined), then the interview expires.

Can the optional Comments field be turned off?

No. These are all standard screens with these items.

If the candidate and interviewer respond and the date of the interview has passed, will the status of the interview be ‘Expired’?

If all participants have accepted or confirmed the interview, then the interview shows as ‘Completed’. Expiry occurs if not all participants have accepted or confirmed the interview. Expiry also occurs if any participant declines (unless it can be rescheduled or recipients change their responses to confirm).

If an interview is with the Hiring Manager, do they need to have access to BrassRing?

  • The coordinator or Coordination Team must have access to BrassRing to create or manage or schedule interviews.

  • Interviewers do not need to have access to BrassRing as their interaction with the interview invitation (to confirm, decline, or add comments) is by using email.

Who is on the list of lead coordinators? Is it all users?

Yes, currently, the list includes all BrassRing users.

Where is the interviewer list pulling from in BrassRing? Or is it a managed option list?

It pulls in BrassRing users.

So even though the lists pull from BrassRing users, the interviewer does not need to be a BrassRing user?

  • When the coordinator Creates, Edits, or Manages an interview, they are able to add a non-system user with any email address as an interviewer.

  • A Non-BrassRing user user type can also be created to add users with their company email addresses. These users then appear in the Interviewer list and receive the system communication but might never log into the system. For more information on creating user types, see User Type Management.

Does the video interview selection integrate with a video interview tool (HireVue)?

There is no integration with any provider.

What is the function of the video interview selection?

We offer multiple types of interviews today as a point of information for the coordinator and interviewer. It's important for the candidate to know what type of interview is happening.

After clicking send to send the invites to the candidate or interviewer, there was a confirmation at the top of the screen stating it was sent and that they would receive a notification. Do we need to create this message?

No, that is a standard message.

Can you have a mix of phone and in person?

No, the interview type can only be set to a single type interview.

How is the date format displayed? US or UK - Can this change depending on the time zone?

Date format would reflect the logged in user’s locale.

Does the recruiter have visibility to view the Interviews that have been scheduled for their reqs?

Yes, users with MY REQ privileges can view interviews that are associated to those Reqs.

When selecting the time slots for availability, will that then "block" those times in the interviewers Outlook calendar? Subsequently, if a candidate selects a one hour slot, will that then block that hour and free up the other time slots?

Interview Manager cannot integrate with Outlook only with Office 365 or Google+. When the interviewer or Candidate accepts the final interview invitation, they get an email with the meeting invite that can be added to their host calendar. The interviewer’s calendar, if integrated with BR Interview Manager, will display as unavailable for this specific slot.

View interviewers availability first – cannot select with 24 hours. Is this designed this way? Could we have more flexibility to allow to schedule the interview within 24 hours.

  • If the coordinator is in contact with the interviewers and candidates and knows the time of the interview, it can be scheduled for today (any future time) by using the Schedule type “Confirmed Date & Time”.

  • In cases where you need the candidate to provide their ability from various time slots (Ask Candidate first or Verify Interview Availability first), you are required to give the candidate at least 1 day to respond (although 2 or more days are recommended as is reasonable for the candidate experience).

Are the additional items to the to do list and the interview durations only added per the user or is this added for all? Can it be removed also?

  • To-Dos: There is a default list of to-dos that can further be customized (added, edited, or delete to-dos) by using Workbench. The customized list will be available for all interviews created from that point forward. The coordinator will be able to further customize (add, edit, delete) this list for each interview.

  • Interview Duration: The interview durations are available for all users for all interviews. You can add a different duration in BrassRing, which will then be available to that specific interview.

If we delete a to do, would it be captured on an audit?

Deleting anything from Workbench should be captured in the backend auditing tool. In Workbench: WB > Audit > Audit trail > Select (only) Functional Area = Interview ToDos > Run. Currently, from Recruiter Experience, for user updates to individual interviews, we do not have any audit/reporting in place. This is slated for Phase 2.

Is there a place to capture the details of the output of the to-do list? Example room or web details?

The to-dos list is a checkbox only and doesn’t allow to add any additional comment. One option is to edit the name of the to-do list item and append any ‘status’ text to it. For example: “Reserve a Room” can be edited to “Reserved room #2525”. This information is specific to the to-do list and does not get cascaded to any of the interview communications or comments.

Is the green highlighted scheduled status the same as the HR status for that applicant and that req?

No, the Interview Statuses are not the same as the HR Statuses. The Interview Statuses are standard to BrassRing whereas HR Statuses are configured by the client.

Can interviews that are already confirmed be rescheduled?

The interview date or time cannot be changed once the interview invitation has been sent to the candidate and interviewer. The only option available is to cancel the existing interview and create a new interview.

For the interview location field, is there a way of filtering it down per country or location? Bit like using a CFA.

No. Interview Location field is a free form text field to store the venue of the in-person interviews. This field’s label will change dynamically based on the Interview Type.

Is there an Interview Location merge token?

Yes, it’s the [#InterviewStandard:InterviewFormatdetails#] Interview Manager standard field token.

Who sees the comments?

  • The comments added to the Interview Request will be visible on the Interview Summary page and can be viewed by anyone who has access to the interview (as defined by the privileges).

  • The comments added by the interviewer and candidates while responding to the request will be visible in the email sent to the lead coordinator.

  • The latest candidate comment will also be visible in the candidate section on the interview summary page.

If our program managers are scheduling their own interviews, they’ll have to schedule them and then accept their own invite, correct?

Yes, the interview has to accept the interview in order to update the interview status. We will share this feedback with our offering team.

Can the Interview Location field allow for default options in a drop-down?

Not at present. Interview Location field is a free form text field to store the venue of the in-person interviews.

When the candidate selects a time, will the calendar show if a time frame has already been taken and is no longer available?

When the coordinator proposes different date and times to the candidate (scheduling style of Ask Candidate first), and the candidate response back with the time slots that work best for them, the time slots will then appear under Manage Schedule in blue so that the Coordinator can select an appropriate time slot that works for the Interviewer also and then schedule the interview.

How are reschedules managed?

At this time, dates/times can only be changed up until the point the final interview invitation is sent.

How is the Coordinator notified?

The coordinator receives an email with the information of the candidate and interviewer’s response (i.e. interview confirmed, availability provided, interview declined, etc.)

What happens if someone on the interview team cancels the same day?

The candidate or interviewer can decline on the same day. The Lead Coordinator would receive an email informing about the decline.

Does the candidate have an option to select a specific time on my calendar? This is a lot of back and forth. My recruiters just need to quickly engage with a candidate and ask them to set up a time that works for them and is also available on the recruiter calendar.

No, the candidate does not have the option to select a specific time on the user’s (lead coordinator) calendar. Only the lead coordinator can send an availability request from Interview Manager to the candidate with different proposals of dates and times.

What if an interview involves different modes? (i.e., phone, onsite and web at the same time) Can the system accommodate that?

This is not possible. When scheduling an interview, the user can select one specific interview format for the interview.

Will the Phone Details field support Skype or Microsoft Office Teams meeting links for the phone?

Yes, you can put in other info in that field apart from just phone number.

Are the interview statuses standard or can we modify?

The statuses are standard and cannot be customized at this moment.

Can the number of interviews canceled/scheduled be able to be reported out from Infinite?

Reporting is coming up in Phase 2.

If you need to reschedule the interview, can you go back in and edit? Or do you have to cancel and reschedule?

The interview date or time cannot be changed once the interview invitation has been sent to the candidate and interviewer. The only option available is to cancel the existing interview and create a new interview.

When asking for the candidate’s availability and selecting the interview scheduling style of “Ask candidate first”, can we edit the morning (8 am-1 pm) and afternoon (1 pm-5 pm) time range? Our concern is what if the candidate is only available from 9-10 am?

The time range is standard and cannot be customized at this time. However, you can instruct your candidates in the communication template you send to candidates for the “Ask candidate first” scheduling type to add any important details in the optional comment field.

Is there a way to view the “Manage Schedules” of the interviewer(s) when adding the interviewer(s) to the “Ask Candidate first” interview scheduling style?

No, the Manage Schedules button is not available when selecting the interview scheduling style of “Ask Candidate first”. However, the “Verify interviewer availability first” option allows you to check the Interviewer’s schedule first, save the interview, and then send a “Request Candidate Availability” to the candidate before finalizing the interview schedule.

What if a user already uses that to do in one of the interviews?

Once a to-do is deleted, it does not affect the existing interviews that got created with it. The option is not visible for all new interviews that are going to be created.

When scheduling a series interview, what is the best way for scheduling a break (ex. 15 minutes) in between a couple of interviews? I haven't been able to figure that out during initial testing.

There isn’t currently a way to schedule a break but you can enter that as an RFE (or vote for an existing one).

Does the My req accesses respect the req privileges setting?

It honors the My Req and All req privileges, including req privileges based on the field option setting.

Can you create drop down with different locations to choose from?

At present it's a free text field and data has to be entered manually.

Can you have separate To Do lists based on req templates, user types, etc.? Or is it one list only that can be changed manually per interview?

The latter is the correct statement. It's a single list and can be edited per interview/per requirement.

Communication and Invite Questions

Are the communication templates configurable?

Yes. For more information, see Interview Tokens and Communication Templates.

Can we add other document links to the Interviewer email like Employment Application etc.

The coordinator can directly attach files to an interview email by using the Send Invitation page. In addition, you can add files to the communication template, which would then apply to all interview communication by using this template.

Is there a way to add the interviewer’s job title to the interview communication?

There is no interviewer job title-specific token, however, in cases where the BrassRing user that is managing the interview [i.e., coordinator] is also the interviewer, they can use the user-profile token "User job title" [#User-info:Title#] when sending a communication. Note: If this information is not captured in your user feed or anywhere else in the system, there is nothing to populate the token.

For the communication template to be available in Interview Manager, does the token have to be in the body or just the subject line?

The token needs to be in the body at this time. For more information see Interview Tokens and Communication Templates. The enhancement for tokens in the subject line is coming in our next phase, however, the character limit is not changing from 255.

Is there a way to copy the recruiter on invitations sent to interviewers and candidates?

No, there isn’t a CC option on the Interview Manager-related communications that are sent to Candidates and Interviewers. However, they can view the interview within BrassRing (as per the recruiter’s ‘My req’ relationship with the job req).

When scheduling an interview and sending the communication to the candidate and interviewer, is it possible to send the communication to the candidate only or the interviewer only?

The initial invitation must be sent to all the participants of the interview (candidate and interviewer). Subsequent resends can be sent to specific participants.

If we don't have an integration with an email server can we still send the candidate a link to the interview?

Yes, the calendar integration is not required in order to use Interview Manager. You can send the links without the integration. Integration would enable you to check the availability of users in real-time. The calendar integration would enable the coordinators to check the interviewer’s availability real-time while setting up interviews.

Is there a way for us to test or demo Outlook 365?

For more information, see BrassRing Interview Manager Calendar Integration. This page includes details about how to create a test account and apply this in the staging environment.

Is the calendar feature only available with the Office 365 integration?

Calendar features are available ‘out of the box’ (including cross-interview conflict handling for coordinator scheduling and participant ‘add to my calendar feature), but we also have external calendar integration with Office 365 or Google (for coordinator scheduling).

Do all Interviewers need Office 365 or just the coordinator?

No user is required to use Office365 in order to take advantage of Interview Manager. If you would like to use external calendar integration, then all interviewers would need to use either Office365 or Google calendar (e.g., for their regular meetings) and the coordinator would need an Office365 or Google account which has shared access to the interviewer calendars.

Does it place a meeting invite on the interviewer’s calendar or are they only sent a communication? If someone doesn't have Outlook 365 or Google would the candidate or interviewer still get a calendar event in their email?

The interviewers or candidates receive an automated Meeting Invite after they accept the interview invitation. This invite is sent to their registered email ID. If the candidate or interviewer uses Outlook or Gmail to access these emails, they can add the meeting directly to their calendar. Or they will have the option to download the attached ics file and add it manually to their host calendar.

Google - Plug-In option? So, Office 365 is it a plug-in option with MS Outlook or a different application completely.

For more information, see BrassRing Interview Manager Calendar Integration.

Is it possible to use the Interview Manager without the calendar integration?

Yes, the calendar integration is not required in order to use Interview Manager.

Can you embed videos in the body of the invitations?

Video links (URL) can be inserted into the body of the communication template. It appears as a hyperlink and the video does not show in the invitation.

Are you able to copy-paste email without a template?

You need to have a communication template with appropriate merge tokens in order to send the invitations. We suggest having at least 2 separate ones. One for Candidate and one for Interviewer

If our company calendar is not able to be integrated, can the candidate still get a calendar invite through Gmail, for example, to be available for their own records even though it will not be added automatically to their calendar.

Candidates and Interviewers will receive an automated meeting invitation as soon as they accept the interview request. This meeting request allows the candidates to add it to their calendars directly (if supported) or download the ics attachment and add it manually to their calendars.

Is this English only or can we set up in the recruiter languages, also for emails and interview invites can these be created in candidate languages?

It is available in all supported languages. You have to create different communication templates for different languages just like how you use them for BrassRing.

Are the communications managed like other communications in BR? For example, you can stop a user type from editing the communications?

The communication templates work just like other BR templates. You can decide who can administer or send the template based on Org Group.

The email that the candidate and interviewer receive to inform them about a scheduled interview can be customized. However, can the text on the Interview calendar invite page also be customized?

The interview invite includes standard text, and cannot be customized at this time.

In the communication to the candidate, is there a way to include who will be conducting the interview? And if so, can their job title be included?

Yes, in the communication template, you can add the Interview Standard fields token [#InterviewStandard:InterviewerNames#] to let the candidate know the name of the Interviewer. However, the Interviewer job title cannot be added at this time.

Can you also view meeting room availability?

Not at this moment. Through Calendar Integration you can view only free/available time of the users.

For managing schedules, could we use this with non-system users if we have 0365 integrated?

Yes, Office 365 integration works with non-system users. The email address has to be part of the Outlook group/organization for your company and the lead coordinator must have shared calendar access for it.

In a series interview, what happens if one out of 2 interviewers do not accept?

If one of the interviewers does not accept the interview, the interview status changes to “Invitation Declined – Interviewer”. The lead coordinator would have to create a new interview.

Miscellaneous Questions

Are there any plans to add an "Interviews" tab on the candidate Talent Record?

In the next phase, we will be adding the interview information to the action log for the candidate and the DIT and metrics dashboard.

Are all details about Interviews available to report on in the DIT?

No. Reporting is part of our next phase of development. For reporting, we will have the data available in DIT and Metrics Dashboard. This is a roadmap item.

I know it was mentioned that RAM and DIT are being worked on next, but do we have any RAM at all available yet for this feature? (For example, to auto-select communication templates in certain instances.)

We don't have any RAM triggers available currently, but as we complete the RAM projects they will be made available in future builds.

Will there be reports that go along with this?

Reporting is part of our next phase of development. For reporting, we will have the data available in DIT and Metrics Dashboard. This is a roadmap item.

Will there be a way to track reschedules in future reporting?

Reschedule workflows will be defined and implemented in the next phase. Traceability and reportability of this action will be part of the design consideration.

Can the number of interviews canceled/scheduled be able to be reported out from Infinite?

Reporting is coming up in Phase 2.

Any API options for integrations with a 3rd party?

Not available at this moment.

Does Infinite offer a video/audio room for a video interview or do we have to use a 3rd party?

At this moment you have to utilize 3rd party vendor tools for video interviews.