Manage Duplicate Candidates
  • 01 Mar 2024
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Manage Duplicate Candidates

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Product: BrassRing

Manage Duplicate Candidates


  • Resumes or CVs are automatically parsed into candidate contact fields in BrassRing and those fields are checked to determine whether the candidates information is already in the system. In this process, BrassRing compares the incoming candidates first name and phone number, then the first name and email address against all the other resumes or CVs currently in the system. The contact fields used to check for duplicates can vary and is determined by your organization.

  • If there is a match of this information, the new resume or CV and other information, such as forms, HR Statuses, and notes are appended to the existing candidate profile. This makes the previously submitted resume or CV a duplicate.

  • Duplicates can be accessed by selecting on the hyperlinked duplicate resume or CV file. The most recently loaded is listed as the Current file. Any others are listed in reverse chronological order from one to ten.

  • If a candidate applies multiple times to the same req, the Talent Record always displays the most recent resume that is submitted to that req by default.

  • There are 15 duplicate stacking algorithms available. During implementation, your company selected one as the most appropriate.

  • When eLinking or forwarding a Talent Record from Search results, a Working folder, My Inbox, or My Candidates, the most recent resume or CV is sent by default, unless a different duplicate is selected to send.

  • While BrassRing displays duplicates from the first up through the 10th duplicate, it allows for any req-specific duplicates to take precedent over any non-req-specific submissions. This means that if the 11th resume or CV submission is made for a req that is being worked on, that 11th resume or CV would appear as part of the 10 listed within the Talent Record. The automatic duplicate check that BrassRing runs when resumes or CVs are uploaded into the system is highly accurate. However, there might be an occasion when two Talent Records were not stacked for the same candidate. The stack duplicates feature can be used to manually stack all of the information (except for one of the two Overview sections) and merges it with the Talent Record that is selected as the current resume or CV.

  • Resumes or CVs cannot be unstacked.


View Duplicate Resumes

  1. From a list of candidates, select a candidate to open the Talent Record.

  2. In the Resume tab, select View Submission History.

  3. A new window listing the current and duplicate resumes or CVs. Select the Duplicate name to open that duplicate resume or CV.

Stack Duplicate Talent Records

  1. From a list of candidates, select the two candidates that are duplicates.

  2. Select Actions → Stack Duplicates.


  3. A new window opens with the two overviews for the selected candidates. Decide which record is the current active record.

  4. Select the Record and select Keep this candidate to indicate the overview screen to retain. This merges all of the other two Talent Records information, except for the Overview screen that was opted not to keep.

  5. Select OK.