Managing Events
  • 29 Feb 2024
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Managing Events

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The Events pull-down menu allows users to view detailed information on past, current, and future events.


The Events Menu offers four event display options and assessor scheduling information (if enabled).

Scheduled Events

To access Scheduled Events, select Events → Scheduled Events.

The Schedule Events screen lists all the events in descending date order. Users can carry out actions by selecting an event, and selecting an action in the Actions menu.

Event Summary

The Event Summary default landing page displays all events a user can access within a configured default date range. The Event Summary page can be used to create New events in Event Manager.

  • Actions can be taken on events by selecting the event, and selecting Actions.

  • The Summary can be filtered by selecting Filter, and setting the filter options.

  • The table can be edited, time zone changed, by selecting Display, and selecting Edit Columns or Edit Time Zone.

Event Search

The Event Search screen allows users to search all events using a variety of options. Users can use one, a multiple, or all of the search fields to search for an event. If users have more than 200+ entries for the search fields, those fields display as Auto Complete fields. Users can then use the radio button to select events in the search results and perform actions available in the Actions Menu.

Event Roster

The Event Roster screen provides detailed information on candidates who are scheduled for events and also candidate management tools. The Event Roster's default display date is dynamically set to display today's date but you can edit the date range by using the Filter → Date Range menu.

The Event Roster is used to open a candidate's internal event form, finalize a candidate, file a candidate to a folder or requisition, view talent records, and print resumes by using the Actions menu. Users can also assign outcomes by using the Event Roster screen.

Assessor Scheduling

If enabled, the Assessor Scheduling tab displays the following selections:

  • Assessor Search: Allows you to search assessors.

  • My Schedule: Access your event schedule if you are an assessor in Event Manager.

  • Import Assessor Schedule: Used to import assessor schedules