Managing Leads Best Practices
  • 26 Feb 2024
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Managing Leads Best Practices

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Product: Lead Manager and Acoustic Campaign.

Managing Leads

Infinite recommends the following best practices when it comes to creating and managing leads in your organization.

Adding and Managing Leads

  • A key to successful implementation and adoption of Lead Manager is having a well-defined sourcing strategy not just overall but for specific types of positions. Do you have high turnover positions that require many contacts to fill open positions? In this case, the quantity of leads might be more important than quality. Alternatively, do you need to fill very specialized positions for which there is not a large candidate pool in the marketplace? These types of positions might value quality over quantity.

  • When first implementing Lead Manager, evaluate the type of information you want to collect about leads and any data points you might want to use for reporting. While Lead Manager comes with many standard fields, custom fields can be created to collect and track additional details and specific needs. Some examples might include licenses or certifications, keywords, skills or tags, or lead owner. Additionally, if using a pilot program, consider fields that you might want to capture in the future as creating them up front might help you source additional positions more easily.

  • Leads can be added to multiple campaigns depending on various factors including their areas of interest, knowledge, skills, and abilities; or events they might have attended. When a lead is filed into more than one campaign, it is important to keep the lead status updated to ensure transparency in sourcing from Lead Manager and for accurate reporting.

  • When first implementing Lead Manager, it is recommended to use the Bulk Upload (Excel) function to start creating pools of leads that sourcers are tracking individually elsewhere. This helps create awareness of and the ability to report on the work sourcers are doing and encourages them to use the new tool. Lead Manager has a template within the tool that provides instructions and format of the file that needs to be loaded.

  • If your organization attends Career Fairs or other Recruiting Events, it can be the case that your recruiters have many resumes or CVs emailed to them during the event. It is recommended to use Lead Managers Bulk Resume Parsing process to parse those resumes into Lead Profiles so Lead Manager can house all lead Information, rather than having content on individual sourcers computers.

  • It is recommended to use the search function to identify leads with similar skills, roles, or experience across multiple campaigns. This can be used to expand the number of leads you might have for a campaign.

Managing Internal Employees

  • Internal employee details and career interests can be stored in Lead Manager to help with career development. Storing this information in Lead Manager opens an additional source of highly qualified individuals from which to recruit. Understanding the skill set and job interests from employees can improve the employee experience by providing them with an alternative to the traditional search and apply process. To facilitate the collection of this information, your company can create an internal landing page to allow employees to indicate areas where they would like to move to or express their interest in growing with the company. To track internals separately from externals, you might either add a custom field to the landing page that flows to the lead profile, attach a specific source code to the page, or do both.

BrassRing Integration

  • The seamless integration between BrassRing and Lead Manager can keep track of and grow your relationship with highly qualified candidates.

  • Candidates can be sent from BrassRing to Lead Manager individually, in bulk, or by using a Rules Automation Manager (RAM) trigger. The first two options allow you to specify a campaign or campaigns and designate a status. Creating leads from BrassRing Talent Records can be useful for the tracking silver medalist candidates, or candidates and hires for seasonal positions that you might want to engage when hiring for the next season. After the Lead Profile has been created, these leads can be filed to one or more campaigns and sent communications about the organization or potential job openings as they become available.

  • Using RAM to create leads can be done in various ways. One option is to use an HR status like Silver Medalist – Send to Lead Manager or Seasonal Candidate – Send to Lead Manager. Another option might be to indicate on the disposition form whether to send the candidate to Lead Manager or not. The saving of this form can trigger the Lead Profile creation.

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