Understanding My Tasks Page - Overview
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Understanding My Tasks Page - Overview

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The Main (Currently Onboarding) page allows you to manage tasks for hires who are currently onboarding.

  • Some tasks are required and some are optional. The exact mix and appearance of these tasks depends on the particular workflow in use.

  • Some tasks for these hires may have already been completed.

  • Filters help limit the information that displays.

To access the Currently Onboarding page, select the Expand the Onboard Manager Navigation icon. The navigation menu has a Currently Onboarding link.

The Currently Onboarding page contains:

  • List of hires (and you can view their tasks)

  • Filter summary.

  • Hire columns: Hire and Position Start Date.

  • Task columns: Task Title, Task Owner, Due Date, and Status.


  1. Select + View Onboard Tasks to display onboarding tasks, and select - Hide Onboarding Tasks to hide the tasks. You can also select the Show All Tasks for This Hire link to view all tasks (on a separate Onboarding Tasks page). This only displays if the task list is long.

  2. Select Change Filters to display fields and check boxes that will allow you to limit the information displayed. Select the filters you want, and select Apply Filters.

  3. Select a hire name to display hire profile information in its own page. From this page, you can select menu items to display hire profile tasks.

  4. Select a task name to display the task in its own page. You can also select a pointer

    pointer icon

    by a hire name to display a task-based menu: Manage Onboarding Tasks, Profile, Documents, Onboarding Participants, and Job Information.

Table 5. Currently Onboarding Fields



Create New Hire Button

Allows you to create a new hire.

"Filter Summary"

Reflects the currently selected filters.


Hire's name: Last Name, First Name. The hire's job title also displays.

Position Start Date

Date the position started or will start at the company.

Candidate Start Date

Date the hire started or will start at the company.


City in which the hire will work.


Address of the hire.

+ View Onboard Tasks

Displays onboarding tasks.

Task Title

Task title.

Task Owner

Task owner.

Due Date

Date the task is due.


Task status: Completed, Overdue, In Progress, Not Started, or Pending.

Show All Tasks for This Hire
(only displays if all tasks cannot be displayed)

Displays all tasks (on a separate Onboarding Tasks page).

- Hide Onboard Tasks

Hides onboarding tasks.

Table 6. Filter Fields



Change Filters Link

Displays filter fields and check boxes, allowing you to select how you want tasks to display.

New Hire Name

Filter that allows you to search for new hires whose names exactly match the search criteria. Exact matches make the results more specific and accurate, and improve system performance. This field contains Last Name, First Name guidance text that disappears as you complete the field.

Name Begins With Check Box

Filter that allows you to override the exact match search (performed via the New Hire Name field). Selecting this check box returns names that begin with the same letter.

Requisition Number

Filter that allows you to enter a job requisition number and return all new hires associated with that requisition number. The field supports type-ahead functionality. Note: Onboard requisition numbers can differ from BrassRing requisition numbers, even for the same job.

Include All Hires Check Box

Filter that allows you to view all hires without restriction. By default, this check box is disabled until an onboarding manager enters text in the New Hire Name, Requisition Number, or Show Hires with a Start Date field.

Show Hires with a Start Date Drop-Down

At Any Time, Today and Before, Today Only, In the Next Week, In the Next Two Weeks, In the Next Month, In the Next Three Months.

Include Hires that Ended Onboarding Check Box

Filter that includes hires who ended onboarding.

Apply Filters Button

Applies the filters.