Open a Req
  • 04 Mar 2024
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Open a Req

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Product: BrassRing

Open a Req

  • After a req is approved, it must be opened. Recruiters are typically responsible for opening and posting job reqs. Opening a req is a trigger for a few key events within BrassRing:

    • The time to fill clock starts.

    • The req folder appears. With the req folder, the tracking of candidates becomes possible, as it is within this folder that applicant flow is tracked. You do not have to manually add a req folder.

    • The req can be posted to Talent Gateways.

  • Before opening a req:

    • The req must be in the Approved req status.

    • You can only open reqs that you have added, or to which you have been assigned as a Recruiter or Req Team member.

    • Super Users can also open reqs. This might happen if someone has left your organization. This ability to open reqs allows Super User to get the job posted and then reassign the req to a new recruiter.

  • There are a few things that you should know about req folders:

    • The req folder includes the name and position title of the req form.

    • Candidates might appear in multiple req folders, as they might have applied to multiple positions.

    • The tracking of candidates’ HR status through your company’s applicant flow is performed from within req folders.

    • Most companies have defined business rules that state when candidates must be tracked to the req folder.

    • Candidates within a req folder are typically not removed from them, though they might be copied to another folder.

    • Typically, only Super Users can remove candidates from req folders.

    • When a req is closed, the folder can be viewed from the Reqs menu.

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Open a Req from within BrassRing:

  1. Open the Approved req by selecting Menu → Reqs → View my reqs → Approved, or Menu → Reqs → View all reqs → Approved.

  2. Select the Auto Req ID.

  3. Select More → Open.

  4. The posting options window opens. Select the posting options, and select Update all postings. For more information on Posting Options, see Posting Reqs and Talent Gateways.

Open a Req from an eLink

  • If your name was selected in the req form field Notify upon approval completion, an email is sent to you when the final job req approval has been granted. The email might contain an eLink as an attachment rather than embedded in the text of the email.

  1. Open the email, and select Open the req.

  2. The posting options window opens. For more information on Posting Options, see Posting Reqs and Talent Gateways.

Access open req folders

  1. Select Menu → Reqs → View my reqs → Open.

  2. The list of open reqs of which you are a member displays.

    1. Select the number in the Total column to view all candidates in the req.

    2. Select the number in the New column to view candidates that you have not yet screened.