Reopening Completed Tasks
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Reopening Completed Tasks

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Article Summary


Some completed tasks can be reopened.



  • The status of the task must be Completed.

  • Onboarding managers can only reopen tasks they were authorized to open.

  • With a reopened task, the data is overwritten (so only the most current data is retained).

  • This is a retroactive feature, allowing already completed tasks to be reopened.

  • The task status for a reopened task changes from Completed to In Progress.

  • As it relates to conditions, reopening/editing does not create new tasks nor change already created tasks.

  • A menu item allows onboarding managers to reopen a completed task, and then provide a reason for the reopen.

  • An Edit button allows new hires to make changes to a reopened task.

Reopen Task: Onboard Manager

In Onboard Manager, on the My Tasks page, you can reopen some completed tasks in order to change previous responses. Depending on how Onboard is configured, these tasks can be limited to just the tasks you own or to any task.

You can utilize the View Completed Tasks filter to obtain a list of completed tasks associated with a new hire.

You cannot reopen any In Progress task, only Completed tasks

The completed tasks you can reopen are:

  • No Template

  • Generic Form Activities

  • State Forms. Note: Onboarding managers just reopen a state form. The new hire is the person who will make changes.

  • Onboarding US W4. Note: Onboarding managers just reopen a W-4 form. The new hire is the person who will make changes.

  • I-9 Section 2. Note: A completed I-9 Section 2 task can be reopened from a task list page unless it is associated with an already In Progress or Completed E-Verify task. Therefore, if an I-9 Section 2's corresponding E-Verify task is In Progress or Completed, the I-9 Section 2 cannot be reopened from a task list page. An error message occurs.


  • You can only reopen tasks you were authorized to open.

  • On the My Tasks page, selecting a pointer icon by a task with a status of Completed displays a menu. If a completed task can be reopened, there is a Reopen Task option.

  • Selecting Reopen Task displays a pop-up that requires a reason for the reopen. The system sends an email the task owner about the reopen, unless the person reopening the task is also the task owner, in which case no email is sent.

Reopen Task: Onboard New Hire

In Onboard New Hire, on the My Tasks page, new hires can reopen and edit some tasks they already completed in order to change previous responses. The completed tasks they can reopen and edit are:

  • No Template

  • Generic Activities

  • State Forms

  • Onboarding US W4

If the setting for allowing new hires to edit tasks is enabled, an Edit button displays. A reason for reopening is not presented.

Prevent/Allow the Reopen of Completed Task

The reopen of a completed task can be prevented/allowed.

Various messages display that explain why a task cannot be opened, or why it is being prevented from reopening, or to provide confirmation or warning about the reopening.

With a PDF that cannot be opened, the Edit button becomes inactive and a message displays explaining why it cannot be reopened.


  • A specific workflow task can prevent the reopening of completed tasks.

  • A user can override the prevention of reopen only if their user type has the Task Reopen - Ignore Prevention capability.

  • While locked, any task that is not started, pending, or in progress can still be completed.

  • If the new hire is prevented from a task reopen, any task completed thereafter will prevent task reopen.

  • While allowed a task reopen, new hires and onboarding managers are able to reopen tasks.

  • The system tracks who and when users are preventing task reopen and allowing task reopen users.